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Global Descents offers expeditions to suit every adventure traveler.

We cater trips to ten rivers on four continents. The Rio Futaleufu, Zanskar, Zambezi, Apurimac and Rio Suarez rank among the most sought-after descents in the world of whitewater rafting. The logistical complexities involved in running these rivers cannot be understated, but we have designed proven successful itineraries that produce high-quality, exciting, safe, and exceptionally fun trips every time.

Whether you choose the aqua blue wave trains of Patagonia, the exotic wildlife and warm waters of Africa, the ten-thousand foot deep Himalayan canyon of northern India, or the jungle runs of South America, your adventure with Global Descents will be an unforgettable physical and cultural experience of lifetime!

Global Descents was founded on the idea of exploring and enjoying the best river trips in the world. Our goal is the continuing search for new rivers to descend and cultures to experience.  On a Global Descents international river trip or multi-sport adventure, you’ll experience a lot more than just whitewater. Before hitting the rapids, you might spend time learning about locals’ spirituality in Ladakh’s Buddhist monasteries or you could visit a cluster of remote Peruvian villages. 

We also charge down some of the world’s premier stretches of whitewater, including the Futaleufu, Apurimac, Suarez and Zambezi Rivers.  From the very first wave breaking over the bow of the raft to the first cup of tea in the home of a local family, these expeditions are sure to create memories for a lifetime. A typical river expedition involves teamwork and participation and can be very rewarding and fun.

Our guides love to share this love for river exploration with all of our clients. The participation of everyone is what makes each river expedition with Global Descents a success. Come join us on one of these amazing journeys!

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