Global-cultural Solution (GCS)

Global-cultural Solution (GCS) is a non-profit volunteer organization which operates mostly in Ghana by providing different developmental projects to rural communities.

GCS is an organization keen to providing year-round programs for local and international volunteers to network in developmental processes by participating in programs that enhance the lives of the underprivileged in our societies. GCS is dedicated to finding volunteer placements and provide support for individuals or groups of volunteers in Ghana


Volunteering in Ghana with GCS

GCS offers an opportunity for volunteers to work with communities, our organization, and other agencies that value the ideals of volunteerism and have the commitment to achieve our ultimate goal. Prospective volunteers work in a friendly and secure environment while learning the cultural dynamics of an African society.

Our work promotes international co-operation, friendship, cultural exchange, and sustainable socio-economic development through the volunteers' efforts. We believe that volunteering will be beneficial in several ways. The volunteer placement should interest you and be suitable for your needs. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain practical work experience, which can enhance the resumé. Additionally, a volunteer learns about networking with overland adventures, while assisting the 'Host'.


Our Motive

GCS understands that you are donating your time and money in order to develop deprived and needy communities. For that reason, GCS offers you one of the most flexible and comprehensive packages of services with strict commitment at an affordable program cost. The engaging opportunities that will make your experience worthy, whiles boosting your career.

Our commitment is to offer give people the opportunity of international exchanges. After volunteers are accepted into the program, GCS will provide services such as airport pick up and guided tours. Two meals will be provided daily by the host family, which will consist of quality, traditional Ghanaian cuisine. Vegetarians can also be accommodated!


Shared Benefits

Each international volunteer has the opportunity to learn a culture from the inside, while doing valuable community service in a stimulating, new environment. Equally important are the benefits the host community derives from welcoming a volunteer and from the skills as well as experiences brought by the international volunteer.


Why Volunteer With Us?

1. Discover new cultures and values; step out of your box and immerse yourself in a new environment.
2. Learn a new language and new skills in areas such as teaching, building and empowering young people.
3. Evaluate new ways of life and reassess your life goals.
4. Connect with people, create a global network of personal bonds, and build life-long friendships.
5. Become an ambassador of GCS in your college, university, or community in your home country after participating in our programs.
6. At GCS, you don't just pass through our programs, you become part of us in developing our community and country.
7. An affordable program fee and provision of better services to volunteers.
8. A Certificate of Honor is issued on successful completion of program(s) by our interns and volunteers. This is to express our deep appreciation for your service to humanity and promotion of world peace. We also issue reference letters to our volunteers to their universities and also boost future prospects.

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