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Global Citizens Network, a 501(c)(3) organization, strives to develop creative and effective local solutions to global problems by providing opportunities for individuals to interact with people of diverse cultures who share common global values.

GCN recognizes the interdependence of people around the world. Social and economic injustice, racial and ethnic inequality, and ecological loss affect all people. But through cooperative effort, individuals of all cultures can enhance their ability to make a difference locally and globally.

To foster that cooperation, Global Citizens Network sends teams of volunteers to communities in indigenous cultures throughout the world. Participants immerse themselves in the culture and daily life of the community. Each volunteer team partners with a local grassroots organization active in meeting local needs. Global Citizens Network creates a worldwide network of people and organizations committed to addressing global issues.

By providing participants the opportunity to learn about the society, knowledge, art and livelihood of other cultures, Global Citizens Network seeks to honor and help preserve those cultures. By providing volunteers and project grants to partner communities, Global Citizens Network fosters human and community development in those cultures. By creating a network of people and organizations, Global Citizens Network seeks to enhance participants' impact on issues of local and global concern.

We are committed to enhancing quality of life around the world while preserving indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies. 

Volunteer with Global Citizens Network

Global Citizens Network is committed to partnering with local, grassroots organizations that have invited GCN to work in their communities. All projects are under the direction of  local leaders and initiated by local residents. 

Join us; volunteer around the world. Work side-by-side and build relationships with members of our indigenous partner communities in the U.S. and abroad. Participate in community development projects driven by the community.                                  

Available shared work includes:

  • construction ( building/repairing clinics, primary schools, latrines, goat farms, community plazas)
  • teaching (ex English language instruction in classroom-like settings)
  • planting & beautification projects (ex gardening/horticulture/beach cleanup)
  • cultural preservation (ex recording elders stories, participating in dance/traditional ceremony) 
  • Global Citizens Network considers the project a vehicle to greater cultural understanding, international friendships and ultimately movement towards increased global cooperation. Often times while a team is working side-by-side another family, the  children break away to play (soccer, baseball, hide-and-seek) and the parents sit down to a cup of tea with a host family— these activities provide for unmatched authentic cross-cultural sharing between local residents and volunteers. Working together towards a common goal is the most effective means to building trust and developing relationships. The shared project work is important, sustainable and valuable to the host community that has ownership over it. 

Cross-Cultural Expedition Opportunities Across the Globe

Global Citizens Network partners with indigenous communities across the globe to create opportunities for individuals to gain understanding through cultural immersion. Participants live and work side-by-side with the members of their indigenous host community.

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