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The Fun4Kids Project is a free volunteer based organisation located in the town of Khao Lak in the Phang-Nga province of southern Thailand. The area was devastated by the 2004 Tsunami.

The volunteer project has been established to improve the lives of local children, both Thai and Burmese, who were traumatised by the disaster.

The mission of the volunteer project is to build and install playground equipment at local Thai schools and Burmese learning centres in the Khao Lak area, as all the kids have to play on is a small patch of dirt. Fun4Kids also carry out essential maintenance work at local schools and when possible assist by providing books and other desperately needed learning materials. Also supported is the local Thai orphanage at Home and Life.

The project utilises the efforts of volunteers from all over the world who come to help for free, there is no charge to help at Fun4Kids, and the volunteers only have to pay for their own food and accommodation

Fun4Kids is financed by private and commercial donors from all over the world and is run by Steve Lowe, a Tsunami survivor of Khao Lak who returned in 2005 to help with the rebuilding. After spending 2 years with the Tsunami Volunteer Centre, first as a team leader and latterly as the Projects Coordinator, Steve decided to settle in Khao Lak and started Fun4Kids in January 2008. To date over 190 volunteers from 24 countries have given their efforts and enthusiasm to the project free of charge.

There are many Learning Centres in the Phang-Nga area run by Grassroots HRE, a local NGO, that caters for the children of Burmese Refugees and Construction Workers. All of these Learning Centres are in need of general maintenance and playground furniture for the children. The Learning Centres are not purpose built but are existing buildings rented from local landlords. They are not ideal to operate as Learning Centres but they are the only buildings available to the Burmese. These buildings are rented out completely empty and all are in need of some maintenance, decorating and brightening up. The area surrounding some of these Learning Centres is bare wasteland and this is the only area the children have to play in.

It is hoped that every school, nursery or orphanage, whether Thai or Burmese, that requests playground equipment shall get their wish (funds permitting). The greatest help has come from the Thai owner of a workshop just outside of Khao Lak who has kindly allowed us to use his purpose built workshop, free of charge, which includes most of the power tools we need plus a secure place to store equipment. Other vital tools were kindly donated by the Tsunami Volunteer Centre, which has now closed.

We also have a sister project called Volunteer Teacher Thailand, which has taken over the English teaching from the TVC.

If you think you can help in any way (volunteer or donate) please contact Steve. There is NO registration fee for volunteering, just come along and help.

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