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We are not a volunteer company but a social enterprise that welcomes and values the services volunteers bring. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to achieve more.

Our placements are hosted in partnership with Indian NGO's and social enterprises.  We currently offer placements in two locations.

1. Bangalore, Karnataka

2. Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu 

If you are 18 years or older, on a gap year, taking a career break or retired and want to share your skills in a completely different environment we have many opportunities for you to do just this. 

​By doing so you will make a lasting and tangible improvement to people's lives.

Placements include teaching, care, sports coaching, conservation and women's empowerment.  


What makes us different?

We directly match your skills and interests to real projects. You will know before departure the specific projects you will be working on and the impact it will have.

All our marketing material has been produced by individuals who have been part of our work.  We do not have high resolution glossy brochures because we feel your fee is better spent directly supporting our communities.

Your entire fee is invested in local communities supports our on-going work in India.


A typical day - our promise to you

The nature of our work often means that there is no such thing as a 'typical day'. India is still a developing country.  The climate, infrastructure and culture is completely different to developed countries. 

Our work is in the heart of rural communities.  We have not created an artificial volunteer placement for the sake of vol-tourism.  Things can change on a regular basis and at short notice.  This means days become unpredictable and at times progress slow.  We feel it is important that volunteers recognise this before they sign up.

​Whilst we can not promise a 'typical day', as a volunteer under our care we can promise:

  1. ​Your safety will never be compromised.  We care about our volunteers and their welfare and we will never place you in a situation which is deemed unsafe
  2. You will always stay in safe, comfortable, clean accommodation with western bathroom facilities
  3. You will always have access to safe drinking water at your accommodation and all placements
  4. You will always have 3 good quality meals per day
  5. You will be given plenty of opportunity to rest and will never be forced to undertake work that you do not want to do
  6. Your fee will only ever be used to support our on-going work in India

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