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Elman Peace is a non-profit organization, founded in 1990 and is dedicated to promoting peace, cultivating leadership and empowering the marginalized brackets of society to be decision makers in the processes that ensure their wellbeing.

We provide innovative, life-saving support to those in need and strive to create more enabling and progressive environments through our work. Our philosophy on aid and development is centered on locally driven solutions from a committed and professional collective of compassionate people.

Elman Peace is named after its founder, Elman Ali Ahmed; an ardent and pioneering peace activist, remembered to this day as the Somali Father of Peace. Elman and his wife, Fartuun Adan ran the organization together until the war worsened in Somalia, and they made the decision to split up; Elman would stay behind and continue to fight for peace and Fartuun would flee the country for the safety and future of their daughters. It would be the last time Fartuun and her children would see Elman alive.


Volunteering & Internships

At Elman Peace we offer internship and volunteer opportunities in Somalia for groups and individuals.

This gives participants a chance to contribute to one of our projects whilst experiencing life as part of the community in Somalia. We run a diverse range of projects, so whether you are a professional or a student, you will be able to find a volunteer posting in a field that suits your interest, experience or studies.

Our volunteer intakes are twice a year Spring (March – May) and Summer (June – September). We have an option of: 2 weeks, 1 month & 3 months

If you join our team as a volunteer, we will cover your food, accommodation, in-country transport and security costs for the duration of your placement. Travel to Somalia will not be covered.

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