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EduCARE India, is a self-sustainable autonomous NGO in India duly registered as a community development and welfare trust No. 175/2017/D’sala, earlier No. 1430/2004-05/SRA XXI, 1860 in India.

We are committed to the cause of global good and trying to make a difference with the following vision, mission, goals, values, and approaches.



Every human being is capable, confident and responsible global citizen. EduCARE envisions a world where all people have the opportunity and capacity to direct social, environmental, and economic resources toward sustainable outcomes that improve lives and communities.



EduCARE’s mission is to:

  • develop and administer effective programs that have at their core the goals of spreading knowledge and awareness, imparting skills, creating opportunities and capacity building amongst individuals, families and community groups leading to sustainable development.
  • develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance pathways for social justice, public health, economic empowerment,  intellectual freedom, and ecological consciousness amongst individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized Life Dreams.



Our goals are;

  • to be the leading NGO, known for its commitment  and credibility for developing innovating programs that helps build local capacity and inspiring leadership, resilient civic institutions, and innovative projects for community education, engagement and sustainable development in the communities that we work with;
  • to support and complement the policies and initiatives of local, regional, and national governments NGO/SCR initiatives aimed at social justice, public health, economic empowerment, education and life skills, and environment conservation;
  • to design, develop and implement systems and processes for sustainable development at grassroot level supporting the inter-governmental – international initiatives on sustainable development, including the SDGs;
  • to create opportunities for interested aspiring young leaders and women to develop global perspectives, explore their own potential, develop leadership skills, and contribute to community based sustainable development initiatives;
  • to leverage and utilise the potential of social entrepreneurship and voluteer action through young people and women in leadership.



We are inspired by the idea of motivated youth contributing to greater global good by leading community education and sustainable development initiatives based on the principles of SEVA and global-local citizenship.



Our values are at the core of all that we, as an organisation, do. Our commitment to applying the values to the way we work makes us unique amongst other, similar, development NGOs.


​We are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Global-local Citizens
  • Experiential Learners
  • System and Design Thinkers
  • Applied Researchers
  • Future Leaders
  • Grass-root level development workers
  • Social Innovators
  • Community Educators and capacity builders
  • Change-makers/change-agents
  • Reliable partners and team-members
  • Humane and Responsive
  • Culturally Sensitive and respectful
  • Ethical and professional

We value honesty, integrity, dedication to our cause and the motivation and resolve to overcome any obstacles. Self-initiative and leadership combined with cultural sensitivity and teamwork are the primary traits we hope to discover and promote amongst our team-members.


Our Principles

Our philosophy relies on the principles of:

  • Education and Life Skills – educating local communities, individuals and especially women and youth in the areas of waste management, natural resource conservation and environmental and wildlife awareness
  • Empowerment - empowering ourselves and others to change the way we grow and develop as an economy, society and person, electing to take our time and commit to trial and error to find a better way to live and work
  • Environmental Health - protecting, conserving and rehabilitation the local environment, with its flora, fauna and natural resources, so that all creatures can live healthier, better lives
  • Sustainable development - ensuring that the opportunities of today that do not diminish for seekers of tomorrow


We believe that:

  • Local communities are capable of developing from within, without external financial aid;
  • Creative and new approaches to problems are needed to cause a real and sustainable impact;
  • If we lead by example creating new solutions, we can inspire people to join / follow us;
  • Volunteering and a general belief in the need to help each other should serve as the base of change;
  • A social entrepreneurial approach is the most effective and sustainable;
  • Allowing people to rely on charity for their livelihood encourages ‘rent-seeking’ behavior, discourages self-help, and is thus not supported;
  • A lot can be done with willpower and passion; money is not the only agent for change;
  • Awareness through education is the basis of creating a desire to develop sustainably;
  • Youth can be at the lead for community based sustainable development through engagement, development and role-modelling approach.
  • SEVA Principle (Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action) for Sustainability


About us

EduCARE India creates own self-sustainable support systems through social entrepreneurship and volunteer action.

We are not a charity organisation that runs on external aid but an autonomous social enterprise that firmly believes in financial sustainability from within itself, created in the local area.   We believe that to address the need gaps of education, environmental and empowerment issues in rural areas, we need self-sustainable and innovative community organisations. We therefore conduct some of our activities in such a way that we meet our human resources, material resources and monetary through social entrepreneurship and volunteer action.

These resources come from different initiatives including, but not limited to, funding through the pooling of resources from social entrepreneurs, trustees and other members of the organisation. In the past we have generated our own funds by participating in some social entrepreneurial endeavors such as publishing information and career books.

The SEVA principle integrates with other principles and beliefs such as social equity and integrated sustainable development, grassroots level community engagement and education, systems and design thinking, youth and women in development leadership etc.


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EduCARE India Reviews

Work Experience in EduCARE India

I have been working as a project officer for EduCARE in India since 2004 where I started on a work experience placement. I enjoy working for the organisation and everyday there is new challenge including new roles and meeting with new international interns from all over the world. It also gives an opportunity to interact with different stakeholders at grassroots level. Learning new things is always in my interest and trying to understand the concepts and ideas at deeper level.

By: Gulshan Manhas
Nationality: Indian
Age: 36

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