Bridging Gaps

Bridging Gaps is a facilitator of customized, professional internship programmes, volunteer projects and educational courses in the dynamic city of Cape Town.

All our programmes are tailored to meet your specific interests and goals and we provide a wide range of opportunities in many different inspiring local organisations. We are committed to providing each of our participants with a personal and holistic experience of the vibrant Mother City, as well as being dedicated to ensuring your adventure runs as smoothly as possible, from start to finish!


Why we do what we do!

Bridging Gaps was created for two main reasons. The first and foremost being because we want to help you achieve your potential! The Bridging Gaps team is passionate about helping people from around the world accomplish their personal and professional goals. We believe that participating in an international internship or volunteer placement can be a transformative and life changing experience and we want to be able to make that happen for you!

The second reason is that we love our city! Cape Town boasts incredible natural beauty, countless adventure activities, sophisticated city life, vibrant culture and historical profoundness. It is an incredibly special city that we think everyone should be able to experience. Also, Cape Town needs you! We really value the power of voluntarism in South Africa and believe that in creating opportunities for yourself through participating in our programme, you will also be creating opportunities for the people of Cape Town.

By volunteering your time and skills in local organisations you can make a difference today!

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