Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks is a registered charity who for 21 years has been serving those who serve by responding to requests of help from Christian missionaries, churches and mission organisations.


Each year Brass Tacks undertake a number of projects in different locations. Without the valued help of volunteers it would not be possible to carry out this work. Many of the volunteers with Brass Tacks are 'regulars' who each year give up time to spend on a project.

For each project people with a range of skills are required, and these can differ depending on the type of building / mechanical work involved. If you feel called to volunteer then please contact us to discuss this further or download the application form.

Going on a project as a volunteer is certainly a rewarding experience in many ways. It is good to meet and encourage other missionaries and Christians. It is also a way of serving God by using our hands and also witnessing on site by the way we work.

A Brass Tacks project isn't 'voluntourism' i.e. a holiday with a bit of work to do. Each volunteer goes out to do a job and to work hard, although they normally will have a great time and enjoy it as well!

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