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Imagine an expedition to a magical place where waterways of the world renowned Okavango Delta meets the Kalahari thirst land.

A destination of myriad beauties, rich cultures, wonderful scenery, and most importantly a very peaceful and stable country. This is Botswana, a paradise for nature-lovers.

Discover the marvel of the Central Kalahari from the luxury Haina Kalahari lodge, where mobile safaris takes you to explore the world famous sand dunes with it’s teaming wild life.
Capture the rhythms of the mighty Okavango Delta from the luxury of our River Boat. Feel the
heartbeat of the Okavango river that fl ows in from the highlands of Angola and soaks into the sands, forming a network of water channels, lagoons, swamps and islands.
Join us on an unforgettable expedition to Botswana, the land of open spaces, untamed wilderness and unsurpassed wildlife viewing on the African continent.

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