Africa is a diverse continent consisting of 54 countries and endless travel opportunities. Expect friendly people, exotic wildlife and some of the most stunning locations in the world. From vibrant South Africa, to the stunning beaches in Mozambique, the open plains of Kenya and Tanzania and the breathtaking wilderness of Botswana - Africa offers something to everyone.


Africa Holidays, Gap Year, Travel Ideas & Experiences

Find inspiration for the best things to do if you would like to book a holiday, travel, go backpacking or take a gap year in Africa.



Africa Travel Guide

Africa travel guide

Get information, inspiration and ideas for travel to Africa: 

  • Population: 1,050,000,000 (approx)
  • Number of Countries in Africa: 54
  • Continent Area: 30,000,000 km2 (approx) making it the second largest continent in the world
  • Languages: Diverse range of local languages throughout the contient
  • Largest City in Africa: Cairo, Egypt - population 8,000,000 (approx)
  • Transport: Local transport can be unreliable / unsafe in a large number of countries


Top Reasons to Visit Africa 

If you have never stepped foot on the African continent before you might have the wrong impression of Africa from images portrayed in the media. Not every country suffers from poverty, starvation and crime - there are thriving countries with strong economies and more and more countries are up and coming travel destinations. There are lots of world famous tourist sights and also lots of opportunities to go off the beaten track to discover the real Africa. Also there are so many different adventures available.


Best Places to Visit in Africa

There are so many highlights in the continent, here are some of the top rated destinations you should add to your Africa travel itinerary: 

  • Kruger National Park, South Africa (get up close to the big five wild animals)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (relaxed vibe and take a trip up Table Mountain)
  • Victoria Fall, Zambia & Zimbabwe (stunning waterfall and adventure sports)
  • Okavango Delta, Botswana (beautiful wetlands)
  • Fes, Morocco (incredible North African city complex)
  • Pyramids, Egypt (ancient mysterious structures)
  • Cape Coast, Ghana (busy town on the West coast)
  • Lake Turkana, Kenya (stunning lake in a beautiful country)
  • Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (the Southern most point of Africa)
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar (amazing wildlife)


How to Get to Africa

There are daily international flights to countries throughout the continent. Book in advance to secure the best deals.


Travelling & Backpacking in Africa 

If you are thinking about your next big adventure book a holiday to Africa where you will get to explore countries, learn about local cultures, visit world famous national parks and get up close to exotic wildlife like elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos. Africa has long been thought of as a destination for safaris, luxurious game lodges, honeymoons, idyllic beaches, and Maasai warriors. This continent incorporates all these elements, but it also offers much more. 

You will get to get off the beaten track and enjoy one of the most incredible experiences of your life.  The African trips we have available are a very safe way to travel, you'll meet new people from all over the world and get to learn about all the places you visit with an experienced guide. We have some fantastic small group breaks for all budgets perfect for singles, families, photography enthusiasts or people seeking to go overland in search of adventure and animals.


Gap Year in Africa

Africa Gap Year

Plan the experience of a life time by booking a gap year to Africa! This continent is the second largest continent in the world with 54 countries and the landscape and scenery is diverse, from the vast Serengeti, the wilderness of the Kalahari or the lush rain forests of the Congo and Uganda. Taking a gap year in Africa is a fun way for you to do something different and see a different area of the world. If you are looking for the best things to do on a gap year in Africa our directory will help you book the ultimate experience.


Gap Year Programs in Africa

Africa gap year programs

Maybe you are are finishing your studies or possible want to travel and explore this continent. Not only is a gap year the most fantastic thing you can decide to do, it's actually a well respected choice that shows prospective employers and universities that you have developed some pretty important life skills. Visiting a completely new continent and finding your own two feet is good for you too; most people find that they come home more confident, outgoing and interesting people.

Visiting Africa will be one of the most amazing things you will ever do, we help thousands of people plan structured trips every year and by viewing our website you can arrange a placement today. This is your chance to help local people, communities, the environment and wildlife by donating your time and effort. There are lots of immersion opportunities in local communities in Africa, the gap year programs we offer provide you with a unique opportunity explore rural areas, learn about important global issues and help out on worthwhile programs. Our Africa gap year ideas and programs including sports projects, working with rhinos, helping elephants, teaching or just exploring new countries. You will have one of the best experience of your life!

Africa is a unique continent which can seem quite daunting when looking at options, but with One World 365 you can search amazing trips and programs. Not much in life compares to being in the wild and getting to see elephants and exotic animals like lions in their natural habitat. Africa is one of the most popular gap year destinations in the world, expect a huge continent full of unique countries which all offer a different experience. Programs are open to students, graduates and people seeking an exciting new challenge.

Lots of gap year travellers choose to do join a structured program in Africa because there are few better ways to ingratiate yourself into the cultures and customs of a country. Whether on your gap year you spend time soaking up the sights, helping underprivileged communities or joining a tour - you will come home with some skills you never thought you would acquire, and plenty of new friends who you mightn't have expected to acquire either!

Top Tips & Advice

  • Booking a structured program take most of the hassle out of planning a trip
  • If you are going to work, volunteer or teach be aware a lot of programs are in rural areas which might be a shock to the system
  • Research all destinations before booking an experience to see if where you are going matches your interests
  • The risk of catching an illness, disease and getting bitten by mosquitoes is one of your top concerns. Problems like malaria and dengue fever are a common problem in lots of African countries so take precautions
  • Remember that a foreign country is designed for it's own people, not tourists and you will really enhanced your experience if you research the destination so you know what to expect so you shouldn't get any shocks on arrival
  • Learning a few local phrases might really improve your trip
  • The food in Africa can sometimes be an experience, try to be open to trying new things as some of the local treats are really tasty
  • Try to learn a few local phrases and chat to locals, this is really fun


Africa Travel Tips 

Africa budget travel guide

  • General: Africa offers some of the best value for money in terms of travel, you can get great deals on accommodation, sightseeing and activities.
  • Flights: Getting to Africa can be your biggest cost, be sure to book in advance to get the best deals.
  • Accommodation: You can find accommodation for all budgets. Some countries offer better standards than others but this really depends on your destination.
  • Money: Keep local currency and USA dollars - it will be always come in handy. Remember to always try to exchange foreign currency before departing a country, it can be difficult to exchange afterwards. 


Health & Safety 

  • Read vaccination requirements, some countries will not allow you entry if you don't have the right jabs
  • Take a first aid kit, you never know when it will come in handy
  • If you are female and travelling solo it might be an idea to wear a wedding ring, this usually help keep away unwanted advances and attention from locals
  • Take a sink plug, you might be surprised how useful this is! Like cleaning clothes to washing your face
  • Always try to tell somewhere where you are going
  • Pack some rehydration sachets, also always take tissues and toilet roll
  • We don't recommend carrying all your money on you, or putting it in one place. Try to mix it up





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