As a non-profit organization, BLES is entirely dependent on funds generated by visitors to the Sanctuary and on donations from individuals, foundations, and other agencies. One hundred percent of all monies received are reinvested in helping our elephants and other BLES animals.

Everyday at BLES is an adventure. Imagine waking up and hearing an elephant call as the sun rises over our rice fields. Discover how it feels to walk beside an elephant family as if you were one of them. We promise an experience like no other.

Guests share in all aspects of the elephants’ world at BLES. It is a hands-on experience that includes gathering their food, walking with them to release sites, and scrubbing them down. Plus, there is ample opportunity to observe the elephants in this indigenous setting. We also offer the chance to hike with the elephants and set up camp in the midst of the jungle. As a self-sustaining environment, there are an endless variety of things to be done. The needs of our animals are unpredictable, so our days are never exactly the same. In addition to caring for our own rescued elephants and animals, we are very involved in local village life. Our assistance is often required in caring for elephants whose owners do not have adequate resources.

We intentionally keep our guest numbers low; this benefits the elephants as well as our visitors. Both parties enjoy the peace and unlimited time to bond. Our mahouts are all village locals with a basic understanding of the English language and enjoy mixing with guests, sharing their unique culture, and demonstrating the BLES approach to elephant care.

Our small size means that we are grateful for every helping hand. Guests who want to get involved make a huge difference in our daily operations. Every guest at BLES helps us to be viable and continue our much needed work.

To make a reservation, please email.