Bogata Suma

Experience and enjoy nature at camp Bogata Suma ("Rich forest") and learn about permaculture in practise!
We are situated on the top of a hill, inland Croatia, with forests all around. Peace, quietness & privacy guaranteed.

At Bogata Suma we use permaculture principles to develop our land and our lives. We take care of the earth, of the people around us and we love to share our knowledge, skills and good food from the garden.

At Bogata Suma you can camp in nature and learn about permaculture and experience how it works in our hands on programs. This program is meant for people who want to know (and experience) more about permaculture, about living a happy life on the land, living with nature in a sustainable way.

Our permaculture program includes theory, but only combined with practise. So when we speak about how to design the zones in your life, we will actually help you to improve your environment. Or when we speak about attracting more wildlife as a permaculture solution, we will make a bat box and hang it under the roof, so the bats can help us get rid of the hornets that also live under our roof.

The program includes:

  • Designing your habitat (you can see how we designed ours)
  • Living with permaculture principles (personal development)
  • Energy and resources (energy & food for humans and animals)
  • Taking care of the soil (with several composting techniques, organic fertilizer, mulching and green manure),
  • Managing waste (turning your waste into gold with a compost toilet, paper log maker...)
  • Water management (grey water filtering, rain water, showering)
  • Living a self reliant life

In the afternoons you are free to explore the area, swim in the river, visit the national park Plitvice or the city Karlovac.

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