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Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Boa Vista O Mundo Foundation, in the island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Our projects

The projects that will be supported logistically, financially or else (otherwise) by NPO Boa Vista O Mundo Foundation will be carefully screened and selected and each application / submission will be carefully reviewed on its practical and financial feasibility.

Projects with a clear public benefit are preferred to projects that are intended for private benefit only. Only under specific circumstances, that have to be approved by majority in the Board, micro credits and micro projects can be granted to individuals and families in order to enable them to engage in (self employment) projects and to generate an income.

It goes without saying that the Board, as it almost exclusively consists of students and teachers of Lessius Mechelen, is particularly interested in projects that clearly articulate training and education objectives.

During the academic year 2009/2010 students of BATAC (Audiovisual Communication) produced a reportage on the spot and the show (presented and voiced over by professional anchors) was broadcasted on Actua TV (Flemish TV Station) in ACTUA TV TALENT, a competition for promising young journalists. See under FILM


* Construction or renovation and provision of infrastructure of the primary school (basic school / basic training institution) of Sal Rei

* Construction of a school in the Baraccas: children & young adults will be taught English and / or get a preparatory training course for (individuals who target to work within) the hotel and catering industry, (but lack formal education or experience).
* Development of a Youth Centre, where youths of the slums find a place to socialize, connect and enjoy a range of social and recreational and sports activities under supervision of volunteers.
* This way the Centre can offer the loitering an alternative path, away from the temptations of partaking in antisocial and criminal behaviour and selfharming or chaotic risky lifestyles.
* Development of accessible child care services are targeted for young mothers for whom the lack or scarcity of childcare is the primary cause of unemployment or low paid informal sector jobs. With an adequate and payable non parental childcare Baracca's women (and men) wil have more and better opportunities to access the labour market and escape their difficult living conditions.
* Research for solutions regarding sanitary problems in the Baraccas: lack of access to piped clean water and to sanitary facilities forces people to bathe and wash clothes in murky / filthy / contaminated water and to defecate in the sea /ponds.

* Research on solutions regarding energy generation (photovoltaic panels) and the provision of clean water.

The following running projects will be carried on / pursued:

* investigation into the import / export of merchandise, with the Baracca residents functioning as wholesalers

* possibility for members of the NPO to directly sponsor the education expenses of one or more children
* investigating the possibility to offer children a carefree vacation in Belgium and / or provide young adults the opportunity to follow courses at an educational institute in Belgium.
* investigating the possibility of bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements between Belgian / Flemish institutions for higher education. In 2010 Sint Lucas Gent (Art Academy) developed already a cooperation with Lessius Mechelen and and for 2011 new and torough cooperation is seeked: e.g. building / construction projects , printing and audiovisual and photojournalistic reporting and featuring, art and jewelry auction and all kind of fund raising activities.

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