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Receiving volunteers from all over the world to help us in Kenya is a priceless opportunity for our children and the benefits are even higher with a diversity of backgrounds and skills. 

Join our local teachers at our nursery and primary school. You can participate in the classes, be in charge of the hours of physical education and creative art, support the children that need extra care, design workshops, extra-curricular and holiday activities and join any of our special project (recycling system, cooking lessons exchange, gardening, reading club and much more). Bring your own ideas! There is a lot to do and it’s a lot of fun!

For years, the Korando Educational Center has been relying on some 14 acres of farm, as well as livestock like cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, fish and rabbits to provide an income. However, the yields are not always good and generally there is a lot of need for improvement. This also includes recycling, composting, perma-culture and other aspects effecting the environmental and financial sustainability.


Our School

The Korando Children Faith Foundation was first established in 1997. Its beginnings were humble and it’s journey long. In 2006 the foundation established the Korando Educational Center, it’s own non-formal school. Today it is responsible for the care and education of 300+ children who otherwise couldn’t afford basics in life.

At present the center houses a children’s home, non-formal nursery and primary school and acts as a sponsor for high-school and university. It is offering food, shelter, healthcare and education at no cost, thereby creating opportunities previously unattainable.

Aside from education, the children are taught the ideals of respect and love, environmental awareness, social and economic empowerment.

Uniforms and learning materials are provided whenever possible. The focus is only toward the best education with the means available. With no help from the government, the center survives from agriculture, occasional donations and the strength of its creator: Mama Dolfine.


Your Home Away From Home

You will live in our incredibly designed, clean, comfortable self-contained sustainable volunteer dome home, suited for up to 8 persons and located within the Center’s premises, as well as a kind, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our dome home has 4 shared bedrooms, each with one bunk bed and bedding provided. The big community dome is specially designed for interaction, socializing and relaxing.

The sustainable home features natural lightning, natural air conditioning, grey-water reuse (bring organic soaps), energy saving LED’s and solar water heaters.

Wifi is available in the house.

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