Bergwaldprojekt - Mountain Forest Project

Our foundation has a non-profit purpose: to promote the maintenance, care and protection of the forest and the cultural landscape in mountain regions.

We believe, instead of being debated about, the forest should be experienced in real life. Through practical forest work, the participants get to know firsthand the habitat of the mountain forest as well as its chances and problems. The work is done in close co-operation with the local forestry services.



Through tangible work, the participants experience the fascinating ecosystem of the mountain forest with all their senses. The importance of the protection forest and the measures for its care are experienced directly. Assignment participation allows meaningful action for the environment and shows the interrelationships in the mountain forest habitat. This contributes to the development of an ecological awareness and responsiveness to the forest's concerns.



For the projects in German speaking regions basic German skills are required. For the ones in the French speaking part of Switzerland basic French skills are mandatory. For the projects in Catalonia (Spain) basic Catalan or Spanish skills are mandatory.



Simple group accomodations close to the working area are organised and provided by the Mountain Forest Project.



Participation is free of charge for volunteers. The Mountain Forest Project covers accommodation, meals and project management

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