Bangladesh Work Camps Associations (BWCA)

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your holidays with a group of people which may help a less fortune society by enjoying a different test of life, you never know!!

The Bangladesh Work Camps Association (BWCA) is a voluntary youth organization aiming to expose people to the culture of Bangladesh in a way that also gives them the opportunity to help local people with meaningful work.

The BWCA has been conducting work camps and volunteer programs that center around humanitarian development, environmental protection and relief, and health care since its establishment in 1958.

Volunteers have the option of joining a work camp or participating in a Round the Year Program (RTYP). Work camps run throughout the year and typically last two weeks. The RTYP is a collaboration with local partner organizations in rural and urban areas.

RTYPs come with a minimum assignment of 3 (three) months, but can last longer. More information on both work camps and RTYPs is found here.

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