Established in 2010, we can now rely on our network of well-established and reliable NGOs, governmental institutions, educational institutions and successful companies – each of them giving you the unique opportunity to experience working in Indonesia and engage to the local community.

With a strong commitment to support local communities and to promote intercultural knowledge exchange, we started as the pioneer of meaningful travel in Bali. The positive effects our work had on both visitors and visited was just motivating and is what still inspires us today. No matter your age or your profession this kind of cultural exchange will change your state of mind, your aspiration, the way you look at things. You come as a visitor and will leave as a friend!


Internship in Bali

This internship in Bali program is suitable for high school graduates, university students, university graduates who want to receive a practical training at a company or NGO in Bali. All companies of the Bali Internships network are small to medium sized, which gives you the opportunity to make an impact on the company's everyday operations. Some internships will be more relaxed, leaving you enough time to travel while interning. Others might be tough and very busy, providing you with lots of professional knowledge. Whichever internship we will connect you to, it will leave a positive mark in your CV, in your life. You will learn to adapt to a new working culture, work independently, plus you will have the opportunity to see the whole picture of running businesses in South East Asia. Without even noticing it, an internship in Bali will have a tremendous effect on your personal development and self-confidence. These so called softkills are one of the top requirements for hiring new team members and will boost your career!


Volunteer in Bali

Bali has so much more to offer than a beautiful landscape. Get to know its warm-hearted people and their vivid and magical culture as a volunteer in Bali. We traveled around and discovered great social projects you can participate and contribute in. As a volunteer you can give something back to the welcoming locals. Support social organisations by teaching English in NGO schools or help underprivileged youngsters or women to raise their job perspective. Help to preserve Bali's vegetation and endangered species and support organizations in raising environmental awareness among locals and tourists. Expand your horizon through exploring Bali's local community. 


Study Programs and Summer Courses in Bali

To study in Bali means to immerse into Bali culture, traditions, but also to learn more about the challenges of the local community to maintain a balance between natural conservation and tourism. We believe that a well-organized knowledge exchange between motivated students and the active local community will push solutions towards a sustainable future for Bali. This semester program, as well as the summer courses, are a great combination of lectures at Udayana University and field studies. You can directly apply your freshly gained knowledge to the real world through various field excursions to local conservation organizations. They deal with issues such as coral bleaching, plastic pollution and mangrove decline.