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Baantorfun Kindergarten was founded in 1997 by Mrs. Naricha Vijittassana, because she could not find a suitable kindergarten for her own two daughters.

At that time most Kindergartens in Thailand treated little children like small adults, (seemingly not knowing about principles of early childhood education). Mrs. Vijittassana began by rebuilding her home into a school. She called the school "Baantorfun" which means "a home to build dreams".

In the beginning she had ten kids in her little school and did everything herself. She was the teacher, nurse, principal, manager and she even drove the school bus. New teachers quickly joined her and the school began to grow. Convinced, that classroom and school sizes were important to the kids', development she kept the school small. She wanted the children to feel at home. Baantorfun School is still this way. Every penny is invested back into the school. More property was acquired so the children had more space to play and learn.

Mrs. Vijittassana also built a swimming pool for the kids and it is used to encourage development of gross motor skills. Today there are four buildings; a fifth will be finished at the end of the year. There are 7 classes with about 100 children and 14 teachers. In addition to the swimming pool, there are also three playgrounds, a computer room, a music room and a library.

The situation in Thailand's classrooms regarding English lessons is not very good. For that reason, like in other Asian countries, school administrators turn to foreign / native teachers to improve the quality of English language lessons. Though the salaries payed to a foreigner here in Thailand are much lower than in China, Japan, Taiwan or Korea, a regular salary for a foreign ( native ) teacher is still about five times (or more) higher than the salary of a Thai teacher with an equal or higher educational background. Most schools are able to pay those salaries by accepting huge numbers of students per class or by charging high tuition fees. We believe that our children here at Baantorfun, should also have the chance to learn with a foreign teacher. But we are unable to pay that amount of money to a native speaker because we had to raise our tuition fees or the number of students per classroom. Both we refuse to do because good education should not only be affordable for rich people's children and packed classrooms are not beneficial for the children's development at all. So the teacher we are looking for must be willing to volunteer.

The definition of "Volunteer" is: A person that works for free, for the benefit of others. We do not offer that kind of volunteer position but provide as much as possible to make the teaching here at our school a once in a lifetime experience. This is not a volunteer position where you have to pay.

We do provide accommodation ( including a private bathroom which is very spacey and clean. It has hot cold water and a western toilet ) with aircondition and satellite TV, DVD Player, Internet access, free meals ( including a western breakfast and Thai style lunch and dinner ), laundry service, Visa, Workpermit, Teaching Permit, a little pocket money and of course any kind of teaching material you need. So everything you might need is taken care of, but there will be no salary.
But you have the opportunity to give private English lessons in the evenings or weekends to earn some extra money. We would support you in that matter of course.

The accommodation is situated on school premises so you do not have to travel to, or from work.

Our decision to keep classes small is a guarantee that teaching those classes will be very much fun and will satisfy you as a teacher much more than teaching huge classes. Besides that we have also individual " Lesson Times " for each level. The younger kids, the shorter are the lessons.
For Pre Kindergarten we established 20 minutes lessons, Kindergarten 1 studies for 30 minutes , Kindergarten 2 has 40 minutes lessons and Kindergarten 3 studies for 50 minutes. The classroom teachers are present and will help and support you during every language lesson. Between lessons you have some free time to rest or prepare material for the next lesson. There are only 17 lessons to teach per week and the earliest starts at 8.30 a.m.

Documents you need for Visa, Workpermit and Teachingpermit :
- Passport with Non Immigrant B visa
- Original university transcripts
- Original university certificate/diploma
- Original Tefl/Celta certificate
- Criminal Record
- Health certificate
- Lots of photos

If you are interested, if you do love children and teaching,
just as much as we do and if you want to make a difference, just like we do,
you might consider our offer and contact us. It would most definitely be a
great experience for you, for our children and for us.
Please click here and complete the application form or send your resume with
a recent photo to we will contact you as soon
as possible.

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