The Australian Divemaster Academy will provide you with expert diving skills in only 10 life-enriching weeks! Kick off your Gap Year, career gap, or international travels by learning new skills, making lifelong friends, and exploring idyllic Byron Bay. The divemaster qualifications you gain in ten short weeks will open doors for you for the rest of your travels both in Australia and worldwide!


The Divemaster Program

This PADI-accredited Divemaster program, offered through Australian Divemaster Academy, takes participants from beginner to expert in five steps:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Diver
  • First Aid & O2 Provider
  • Rescue Diver
  • Divemaster

You will reach the leadership level of Divemaster through structured pool, open water, and classroom instruction. While the primary goal of the program is to prepare you for a career with the diving community, you will also develop self- confidence, public speaking, and social skills essential to any career you may ultimately choose

Of course, you will also have time to immerse yourself in the brilliant location:Byron Bay, Australia! A playground for everyone from backpackers to the rich & famous, Byron Bay offers a vast array of land and sea based activities and the opportunity to meet like-minded active travellers! While your friends are stuck in traffic and crowds in Sydney, kick back with us in Byron for a while. We're only an hour flight from Sydney and a two hour flight from Cairns. Whether you are traveling in a gap year, career gap, or just for the fun of it, there is no better place in Australia to gain your Divemaster qualifications.



Step into the Spectacular Underwater World!

In this first stage of the program, you will learn recreational diving theory through classroom & pool instruction on campus, and then apply this knowledge in 6 open water dives conducted in the company of Julian Rocks' vast array of marine life!

In just five days you will be fully certified to explore the awesome underwater world of fish, coral reefs, shipwrecks, caves, and more. You will also learn essential procedures for diving safely and responsibly while experiencing this totally new and exciting world!

Duration: 5 Days, 6 Dives YOU CAN: Dive up to 18m.



Improve Your Diving Abilities

In the second stage of the program, you will learn the skills you need to take on more challenging diving situations, including deep dives, night dives, underwater navigation, search and recovery, and more!

This course consists of at least 30 hours of instruction using the latest study guides and DVD programs, and multiple dives suited to your interests within the categories of:

  • Underwater photography
  • Boat diving
  • Night diving
  • Drift diving
  • Underwater navigation
  • Low visibility diving
  • Search & salvage diving
  • Shore diving
  • Deep diving
  • Buoyancy diving
  • Computer diving
  • Marine identification

Duration: 5 Days, 10 dives YOU CAN: Dive up to 30m & Plan Dives



Essential skills for Dive Leadership

In this stage of the program you will learn the skills to effectively manage many dive emergencies, a benefit to you and to everyone you will dive with throughout the rest of your life!

Diver stress and the resulting panic are the leading causes of diving accidents and emergencies; through this course you will be equipped to prevent such emergencies when possible and handle any emergencies that may occur. You will learn the theory behind recognizing stress and effectively dealing with it and then put that theory to practice in real-life scenarios.

This is a highly interactive course emphasizing teamwork. You will benefit firsthand from the 20+ years of experience that Byron Bay Dive Centre and its instructors have in recognizing and handling diving emergencies - this is one area where the skills that you learn must be second-to-none!

Duration: 5 Days, 6 Dives YOU CAN: Effectively manage potentially life-threatening dive emergencies.



Essential skills for Life

A prerequisite for the completion of Rescue Diver certification, this internationally recognised and Australian Workcover approved First Aid course will provide you with invaluable emergency response knowledge. You will learn skills to approach, assess, treat conditions, and administer O2when necessary - essential skills for diving rescue as well as other first aid situations you may encounter in any walk of life!

Duration: 5 Days, 4 Dives YOU CAN: Perform Basic Life Support and first aid response procedures at home and the workplace (necessary for Rescue Diver certification).



Transforming the Adventure into a Career

In the final stage of the program, you will receive a wealth of practical experience and knowledge in the dive industry. Through a finely tuned blend of academic sessions mixed with practical application you will achieve the status of Divemaster, the first step in turning your diving interest into a rewarding career! At this point your presentation and instruction skills will be honed, you will have individual and group assignments, and you will take the Divemaster examination at the end of the course.

The program emphasizes flexibility in its teachings, so that you will be able to easily adapt your theoretical and practical knowledge to any dive operation anywhere in the world. You will have the required experience to confidently enter the diving industry and to lead dives, work on dive boats, and teach qualified courses.

Duration: 10 days + 2 weeks practical and the required amount of dives for DM certification YOU CAN: Start your NEW DIVING CAREER! CONGRATULATIONS!