Our mission statement is:

We are inspired by a vision of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God on earth. With our many friends and associates we strive to make the earth a place of glory for God, and humanity a people that reflects that glory.

We are women of faith, living together in communities, passionate about God and passionate about people.

We strive to discover the good in each person and help them develop it, to forge strong characters

to give young people roots and wings

"Convinced that each of us has a mission on earth, we want to help people discover the meaning of their lives and how they can be of service in the world. Assumption Volunteers is one of the ways we do this."



Assumption Volunteers are individuals aged 20+, single or married, who are willing to take up the challenge of living in a culture that is very different from their own.

The volunteer programme is for those who wish to share in the lives of the poor, the young and the marginalized, both in the UK, and with Assumption communities around the world.

The primary emphasis of the programme is not the provision of professional services. The programme is for individuals with a sense of personal search and openness to unfamiliar ways of working - ways that value people for who they are, not what they do.

Assumption Volunteers are:

  • Aged 20 or above
  • Living in the UK (or living overseas in a country with an Assumption Volunteer Programme and applying through that programme)
  • Ready to make a commitment of one year (renewable) in project
  • Able to live simply
  • Wanting to share in the daily life of poor communities
  • Living the values of justice, service, and global family
  • Willing to adapt their skills and talents in service
  • Respectful of others' religious faith