Hospitality: What Matters Most to Hotel Guests?

Hospitality: What Matters Most to Hotel Guests?

All hotels want the same thing, whether you are talking about an economy hotel or a luxury boutique hotel; to ensure that guests want to return time and again.  This is important for the hotel’s long-term and future growth, happy guests will talk about their positive experiences and this, in turn, can attract other customers.  If you are considering a career in hospitality check out our top tips...

A guest who has had a good relationship with a hotel is likely to become a long-term customer and this gives the hotel the chance to build a lasting relationship with that guest, which can only ever be to the hotel’s advantage. But how exactly does a hotel create a meaningful and vital relationship with a guest, ensuring that they are happy and willing to return repeatedly?


First Impressions Count

It’s an age-old concept but it really is true, the first impression that a guest receives is likely to set up their whole impression of the hotel.  If they are spoken to curtly or notice that the paint around the exterior doorframe is peeling, then that can stick in their minds and influence the rest of their experience.  Classic mistakes which are often included in reviews left by guests following a hotel stay include things such as making assumptions about a guest and the reason for their stay, and not treating them as an individual, staff not being courteous when speaking to and dealing with guests, treating guests as though they are just a room number and members of staff not smiling.  These may seem like small things but they can all add up and determine whether a guest enjoys their stay with a hotel or not.


Personalised Service

Every guest, no matter how much they have paid for their hotel room, wants to feel as though they are the only guest in the hotel.  No question or request should be seen as; too big or small and guests should feel as though they are able to approach any member of staff and be treated in a respectful and friendly manner.  9 times out of 10 it is the small touches which guests will remember when reflecting on their hotel experience whether you are talking about a London city hotel or one out in the countryside; did the concierge go above and beyond to find out that piece of information for them?  Did every member of staff they meet remember the names of their children?  When guests feel as though they are unique then they will remember their stay as unique and this will most likely lead them to look for the same hotel when making a future booking.


Home from Home

Even the savviest traveller will occasionally crave home comforts and little touches can be all it takes to find that sweet balance between simply being a base for a tourist and being a hospitable and welcoming environment. The Montcalm Brewery Hotel on Chiswell Street London is the perfect example of a hotel which has blended homely touches with luxury.  Their ‘Montcalm Moments’ options offer services such as The Bath Butler who will draw you a sumptuous bath, The Sleep Concierge who helps to create the perfect environment in which to relax and more.  These homely touches need to be subtle and yet impactful; offering a service which provides milk and cookies for children at bedtime is such a small thing and yet it can really add to that feeling of being in a home from home environment and as with the personalised service, it is these touches which will leave some lasting impressions on guests.


Facilities and Amenities

Hotel Amenities

The quality and level of facilities, services and amenities offered varies greatly from hotel to hotel but it is something which most guests will look out for.  A guest wants a hotel which meets their specific requirements, be that a family looking for luxury hotels for families or a couple looking for somewhere to spend a romantic break.  Again, The Montcalm Hotels are a fine example of hotels which blend luxury experiences with hospitality and tourism; you can choose to book a room in one of their London hotels in order to do some sightseeing and exploring but at the same time, treat yourself to a visit to one of their Wellness Centres and enjoy a beauty or spa treatment as well.  In fact, is there anything better than the idea of a massage after a busy day spent wandering around London and taking in the sights?


The Modern Age

As the world of technology continues to move forward and progress, so too do the demands of the average hotel guest.  Complimentary Wi-Fi access is an expected service to offer now as increasingly hotel guests use their smart phones and tablets to carry out their daily lives, but a great hotel should offer more than that.  We have talked a lot about service which involves the human touch but a quality experience also demands that the very best in technology is also available.  In every room, in every Montcalm Hotel you will find modern additions such as HD plasma televisions, complimentary iPads and docking stations, and an unlimited broadband connection which won’t see you wandering around looking for the best place to send that email.


As well as offering technology, hotels also need to be aware that guests are constantly snapping and sharing portions of their lives and this includes the hotel that they might be staying in when on a trip.  Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more are all likely to be used by a guest visiting your hotel and this is something you should always keep in mind.  If a guest has a good experience then this news can be shared with thousands of potential and future guests but likewise, if they have a bad experience then this can also be shared in the same way.


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