Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation

“Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation” is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization combining multidisciplinary scientific research and efficient conservation work with the active participation of local communities since 1998.

Researchers, young graduates, students and volunteers with a background in sciences or communications are welcome to join the Archipelagos team on the Aegean islands! Here they have the opportunity to take part in multidisciplinary field research and high-priority conservation projects, collecting data and supporting the work of the research teams, while enriching their knowledge and improving practical skills. Possible project areas include: Marine Mammal Research, GIS Applications for Conservation, Marine Ecology, Micro plastics Research, Environmental Policy, and Media & PR for Conservation.


Remote and Onsite Multidisciplinary Opportunities on Applied Marine Conservation in Greece

Real-Time Monitoring of Marine Ecosystems uses a combination of:
- Drone-based marine mammal surveys, which are combined with data collected during boat-based research surveys,
- Underwater cameras monitoring the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems and the spread of invasive species. Footage can be shared in real-time.
- Underwater sensors logging oceanographic data in response to the current changing climate.

In response to COVID-19, all projects are currently based on the island of Lipsi in the southeastern Aegean Sea, or on board Archipelagos’ research boats “Aegean Explorer” and “Nautilos”, on which we extend our marine conservation work via research trips that cover various other Aegean Sea islands and waters of the Aegean Sea.

Participants gain valuable field research experience on key fields of marine conservation, while at the same time contributing directly towards the protection of the unique marine ecosystems of the Aegean.

All internships are geared at developing your leadership, independent research and study skills, allowing you to develop a variety of abilities, which can improve your future job prospects.


Duration / Dates

Normally ranges between 3 - 12 months, although shorter or longer internship periods may be arranged to cover the needs of groups or individuals

Costs / Pay

Prior experience is not required.
This is an unpaid position - see fees, terms and conditions at:

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