Aquanaut Dive Center

Aquanaut Dive Center in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines offers you PADI scuba diving courses from beginner to experienced and diving day trips and night dives.

Aquanaut Dive Center is located in the beautiful province of Palawan in the Philippines. We offer a wide range of PADI scuba diving courses from beginner (age 8+) through to more experienced levels, going on day trips and night dives in the picturesque Bacuit Bay.

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Aquanaut Dive Center Reviews

All round was a great experience.

On March 7, 2016 I did 3 fun dives and 1 fluo dive with them. They really paid attention on their divers.

On the boat, there were 3 divers, one doing the open water course (Rami and his instructor, Clem) and two fun divers i.e. Elisabeth, open water diver who has not been diving for 7 years had Sam as a personal divemaster and me, advanced open water diver had Eugen as my personal divemaster. I really appreciate when they differentiate divers on the level of certification because usually dive center will just mix the owd and aowd under one divemaster.

They even brought me to different location on the first dive site which really cool. Eugen is a good spotter. He's really focus in taking care of me underwater and paid attention to every single details about the surrounding. I love the log book session with Eugen, he made me to write every single creatures we encountered which was good.

Later on the day, I did fluo diving with Roman and had Freddy as divemaster. It was astonishing to see shiny, bright and fluorescent coral and reef during the night. We had to put yellow filter on the mask and using a blue light torch instead of a normal torch. I felt like taking a scuba diving to the whole new level by doing the fluo dive. Freddy got plenty of awesome diving experiences and I love to hear all those stories. He did a amazing job!

Oh, I was also pleased to meet Vanessa and Sam at the dive center. They even cooked maggi for me right before my fluo dive. Thank you Vanessa and Sam.

Overall, everyone did a good job. They are not the type who just do the job to get it done but more like they really enjoy what they are doing and I could feel the positive vibes.

By: Farah Nur Suaidah Zainudin
Nationality: Malaysian
Age: 24

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