By now Anusaran has reached out to more than 20,000 children, given non-formal educaton, also helped more than 5000 women to educate them and trained them through our adult literacy and women empowerment programes.

However Anusaran needs support to keep the efforts growing. Your contribution to strengthen Anusaran's hands would be greatly appreciated by the women and chldren Anusaran is providing for. In future we wish to improve the lives of impoverished children and women through Anusaran's various programmes. On this way we would like to request you to  volunteer your talents and experiences which will change the lives of others also offer hope to the hopeless and bring joy in the midst of sorrow

Anusaran is focussing to educate and empower the disadvantaged women and children in India We strive to grant every deprived child or woman a start on life  by providing the means and resources so that everyone we serve can celebrate life in full.


Educational Programme

The Anusaran Non-formal Education Programme is dedicated to teach underprivileged children. Our philosophy includes equality, equanimity and integrity and is deprived of evils like caste and creed. Due to financial constraints, many parents are unable to support their child's education and often find it necessary for their children to enter the workforce.

Anusaran has set up this Non-Formal Education Programme where children are provided with a safe and learning environment, they have classes on English language, health and hygiene, drawing, crafts and character development. Anusaran teachers serve as role models for the children whose parents do not have the time or energy to encourage good manners, values and confidence in their children.

Anusaran grants these disadvantaged children with an opportunity to develop confidence, social, and vocational skills, which allows them to take control of their lives and to become productive members of society.



People of all ages and walks of life volunteer with Anusaran. There are no specific skills required to volunteer, just an open and friendly heart. Volunteers all share the desire to work with and learn from local women and children. Volunteers include, but are not limited to, families with children, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers on vacation, high school graduates, and retirees. Anyone at any age who has compassion, a sense of adventure, and wants a meaningful way to see India is perfect for volunteering with Anusaran.