AKF’s mission is to support, protect and promote the rights and welfare of animals; to eliminate the practice of illegal slaughter of dogs and to introduce legislation or amendments in the existing animal-welfare laws of the Philippines.

AKF is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and duly enlisted with the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Industry-Animal Welfare Division. AKF has been enforcing the Republic Acts 8485-Animal Welfare Act of 1998 (Amended in 2013) & the Anti Rabies Law of 2007-against illegal dog-traders since 2002 and are the main weapons utilized by AKF in its day to day operation against animal cruelty.


Rescuing Animals

As saving distressed dogs in the Philippines go, AKF personnel risk life and limb catching the dog-traders. Together with the Philippine National Police, we raid illegal slaughterhouses and establishments that are involved in dog trading and selling of its meat; raw or cooked. We also rescue slaughter-bound dogs via interceptions of deliveries. An initial investigation takes weeks or even months. With verified information, AKF coordinates with the PNP and operations are then carried-out. The rescued animals are brought to the rescue center of AKF in Capas, Tarlac.



You can be an animal welfare volunteer while enjoying your vacation. AKF can accommodate you inside its rescued dog sanctuary while as a tourist and at the same time as a volunteer to our campaign which is rescuing-rehabilitating-rehoming slaughter-bound dogs.