We know we can't save them all so we're working hard to save as many as we can.

Native American reservations in the Tucson area are ravaged by the effects of pet overpopulation and poverty. Dogs and cats in these areas suffer from mange, tick and valley fever, and parvovirus. Animals’ Crusaders volunteers make frequent visits to nearby reservations to provide food & water, free mange and tick dips, vaccination and spays/neuters. For many, these trips offer the only access to veterinary care for their animals! There are no other humane animal services provided for that area.

Animals’ Crusaders learn about strays and unwanted animals during volunteer trips to the reservations and we rescue as many animals as we can. All rescued animals are provided with any necessary veterinary care, nursed back to health, socialized and put up for adoptions.



If you would like to help us save one more animal consider becoming a volunteer. It doesn't require any special training or skills, all you need is a desire to help abandoned or abused animals and a little bit of time. Even just a few hours a month can make a big difference to a dog or cat that needs you.