Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid Unlimited is a busy and cheerful hospital and rescue center for ownerless street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Since 2002 AAU has treated 50,000 street animals including dogs, donkeys, cows and bulls, from aged to orphans.

In Rajasthan India AAU provides emergency service to unowned and abandoned street animals in a hospital and sanctuary where volunteers join 40 staff in close interactions with 350  disabled and healing dogs, donkeys and cows, and Tilly, an adorable 3-legged goat. Animal Aid Unlimited is a registered charity in USA and India. The shelter is one of India’s finest.

Volunteers from all over the world can come on flexible schedules, staying for a few hours or for months, working with our caring staff of 43 among a welcoming population of 350 animals. Disabled animals live in permanent sanctuary.

Volunteers assist in physio- therapy, wound dressing, bathing, feeding orphaned and aged or ill animals, stimulating, playing and giving LOVE. The setting is rustic and beautiful and although there are always animals being treated for serious wounds, it is a happy place with incredible and angelic animals who are ready to welcome YOU.

Because we treat many abandoned animals from the dairy sector, this experience provides opportunities to help victims of animal businesses (cows, bulls, working donkeys) in addition to many dogs.

The staff is all Indian and half are from tribal communities. Spending time with staff provides insights into and allows friendships with people from the unique and colourful Rajasthani culture.

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