Our School has always been both a professional and friendly place. In the classroom, are teachers are qualified, professional and dynamic, and can systematically and effectively meet the needs of any student who walks through our doors. 

We are first and foremost a Spanish school with strict standards of excellence when it comes to language learning. All lessons are taught in a communicative method, most favoured by second-language professionals the world over – reflecting the needs of students in their everyday usage, and finding the best way for them to identify, understand, and reproduce language in real-life situations.

This sometimes means listening to music in the classroom, or roleplaying common situations, or even learning useful chunks of language that can be used in situation-specific environments, among many other learning tools.

Communicative classroom activities and games are integral to this; we do not need or want students to be merely passive actors in the classroom, no more active than the desk or the chair; we want our students to engage with the language, and use it as much as they can. The curriculum we have prepared is tailored to each student’s level, and we encourage students to challenge both our teachers and themselves, in order to make the most of this learning relationship. 

With these high levels of professionalism, we are unique in allowing a calm, friendly, and welcoming environment to coexist within the school. Our ethos has always called for a familiar and casual relationship, where students can feel comfortable grabbing a cup of tea and relaxing with staff between classes, or hanging around after to watch a movie, or just organising to enjoy the city and everything it offers in the company of good friends.

While we’re not playing around in the classroom, Amigos won’t feel like a business, or a cold, clinical institute, or the school your remember from your childhood. The best environment for learning is a comfortable one. We want you to feel at home, to make the most of your time with us, and to enjoy yourself.