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African Trax Tours is a Cape Town based company that thrives in showing the beauty and potential that Cape Town and South Africa in general has to offer.

The African Trax Tour Company was conceived in November 2007 at the Cape of Good Hope the most South Western tip of Africa- the second most windiest place in the world... a place where ideas are actually blown away but this one stuck. It all starts with a thought they say!!!!

The company was born in July 2008, with them (the parents) being 2 passionate, experienced and extremely knowledgeable ladies Lisa Steffen and Louise Dodgen.

These two ladies have done it and been there!! Both come with different skills and experience and are both loved for their enthusiasm, knowledge, humour, personality and guiding skills, but most importantly their passion for people and the pride of the beauty of the country. Being in different fields they know from experience what the client wants and what works and where they can improve on tours!!! Together with all this wealth of knowledge they have formed African Trax Tours - where you are invited to come and leave trax as we show you the best of the best. African Trax offers fun and funky tours with loads of knowledge and the best kept secrets of the town. Life is not only seen through the window but experienced in the heart.

African Trax tours offers a variety of tours that must be experienced by the guests as they all have a unique touch to them. To put it bluntly one has not lived out SA to its full potential if it has not been through African Trax Tours. The tours offered are:

Wacky Winelands tour - a full mouth watering tour of cheeses, chocolates, olives, olive oils, delicious lunches, wines, brandy, sparkling wines, visiting 3 wine regions Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl - yum yum yum. You will be guaranteed to have nothing to "Wine" about.

The Cape Explorer leaves you like you have conquered the elements at the Cape of Storms, walking to the top of the Cape Point lighthouse and leaving a trax trail from Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope, breathing the freshest air that you will be forced to breathe (due to the gusts of winds), swim in the ocean, and enjoy a well deserved lunch overlooking the ocean.

And then onto the famous Whales and Ales tour where you are guaranteed to see many whales after the scrumptious lunch and chilled ales. Stunning scenic coastal route and mountain passes brings you back to the city.

And South Africa will not be complete without a Big 5 experience, the Safari Adventure... which includes a Cheetah Outreach programme and plenty of animals, animals, animals... buffet breakfast and lunch included.

We can proudly say that we have already at such an early stage in the tourism business had repeat clients doing the same tour twice, that's how much they loved it!! And so African Trax is growing from strength to strength.

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