5 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa

There are so many countries you could visit in Africa and the world, but not many compare to South Africa. This is one of the most amazing destinations to visit on the planet and here are five reasons why you should book a trip to visit South Africa this year...


1. Wildlife

A safari is a must-do in everyone's minds and look no further than South Africa's famous Kruger Park, where sights of the Big Five are common, as well as a whole other host of animals. South Africa is rich with wildlife, and something that is unique to South Africa is spotting wild penguins. Just south of Cape Town is boulders beach, where thousands of African penguins are calling that beach home. It’s an unique opportunity to book a safari and see the wildlife up close and personal.


2. Mountains

Camps Bay, South Africa

South Africa has some of the world's best views from top of their many mountains. The Drakensberg Park consists of many different peaks travellers can climb, from Cathedral Peak to Giant Castle. The hikes can be long and hard, but worth it when the top is reached and can even give you a glimpse of neighbouring Lesotho. Cape Town has mountains within its city, from the top of the table mountain the city is in clear view as well as Robben island. However the mountain that must be climbed is Lion's Head, especially at sunset, all the lights of Cape Town light up, table mountain change colours and watch the sunset across the sea.


3. Beaches

With an impressive 1,500 miles of coastline to be discovered, it is no surprise that there are some amazing beaches to be found. There are some gems to explore in South Africa's wild coast, with hotspots such as Coffee Bay and along the garden route with Plettenberg bay and Muzienberg. The Atlantic ocean's riptides make the coast a famous surfing route, for beginners or experienced surfers.


4. History

Top reasons to visit South Africa - history

Robben Island is somewhere tourists can visit to find out what life was like back in the struggle for South Africa's freedom. People can see how the prisoners were treated and can talk to former prisoners about their life inside those walls. There are other opportunities to find out about South Africa's history such as the Nelson Mandela museum in Johannesburg, and touring Soweto, an important township in the struggle for Apartheid.


5. Food

South-African cuisine is what kickstarted Nandos, so expect spicy food. A lot of Indian food has come popular in South Africa, with twists on traditional Indian curries. A food to try is bunny chow which is simply a curry with either a loaf or half a loaf of bread. It's prominent in Durban especially, where it was invented. The food in South Africa is not well known but worth tasting.


By Natalia Andersson-Laing


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