Best Things to Do in Cape Town During Summer

Best Things to Do in Cape Town During Summer

Cape Town is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and this is a year round destination. One of our featured travel writers, Joanna Thelwell, has written a guide with advice, ideas and recommendations for what to do when visiting Cape Town during summer. She also suggests places to check out in the surrounding areas…

What imagery strikes your senses when I say the words “South Africa”? Thirsty landscape? The Zula and  Xhosa tribes? A Lion making a kill in the rough and wild Kruger National Park? I assure you it is this and much, much more! Landing in Cape Town in what could be a deadly dehydrating 50+ degrees in summer months, head straight to the ocean!


Robben Island

The South African coast offer cooling down aquatic activities from shark cage diving (if you’re brave enough) to Whale watching or take a boat out to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent his brutal 27 years in prison fighting the apartheid. Boats can be boarded at the waterfront.


Local Markets

Browse the traditional markets stalls in central Cape Town where handmade wooden elephants and African art can be picked up for a mere 20-30 rands (around £2-3) as a fantastic souvenir, it’s hard to simply walk past and not get dragged in by the fanciful detail and vibrant colours of  the knick knacks on offer. The naturally friendly Afrikaans stall owners are happy to haggle down their products for your custom.


Table Mountain

A visit to Cape Town is not complete without a trip up Table Mountain but before you get you hiking boots on, a cable car can be used to reach the top. Juxtaposing its image of an unspoilt treasure, coffee chains and gifts shops can be found on the top to provide tourists with refreshments. From the peak the whole Mother city can be seen beneath you from Woodstock to Greenpoint and the expanding ocean.


Cape Town Summer Travel Ideas


The waterfront is the shopping mecca of Cape Town where many Capetonians and Tourists alike go for their Sundowners and fulfil their shopping needs.


Cape Town Summer Holiday Ideas

Wildlife Safari

When in South Africa a safari is a must! There a plenty of options for tourists to spot the big 5 in their natural environment. Of course there is Kruger Park near Johannesburg but if you’re staying in the South visit Addo National Park which hosts the largest herd of Elephants in Africa, so safe to say they are guaranteed sight! There is the option to camp in a secure site within the park which gives a truly wild experience as you will hear the hyena’s chuckle and zebras high pitch whinny, you may even hear the noticeable roar of the King of the Jungle!


What to do in Cape Town During Summer

Knysna Elephant Park

For an even closer encounter visit Knysna Elephant Park, you will get to walk hand in er... trunk with these mighty creatures into the African bush where they impressively lift their feet to their trainers command and let you touch their rough skin. There is even a chance to ride the elephants around the park for an extra fee but for a once in a lifetime experience! Whilst in the Knysna area take a trip over to Plettenberg Bay and visit the famous markets or the more adventurous might like to do the world’s tallest bungee jump to tick off the bucket list!


South Africa offers an outdoorsy adventure with a truly wild experience that is must for any thrill seeker.


By Joanna Thelwell


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