Our primary core value and mission is to make tourism sustainable, fair, and ethical for the indigenous people in Uganda and offering extraordinary, meaningful, and authentic travel experience for socially and environmentally conscious travelers coming to Uganda. 

African Moments Travel Foundation designs travel programs for socially and environmentally conscious compassionate travelers, who want a new and meaningful travel experience and an opportunity to share their know-how and skills on a worthwhile wildlife, ecological or humanitarian project whilst enjoying an exciting, fun vacation.  We offer theme-focused trips to Uganda that speak to your interests, bringing together travelers with purpose and passion to explore the world in a meaningful and impactful way. Our engaging and immersive travel experiences go way beyond the tourist scene allowing you to explore Uganda with local people in an authentic, sustainable and responsible way.

African Moments Travel Foundation is committed to supporting sustainable and responsible travel practices and partner with local communities to make sure your tourism dollars stay local. Our partnership and financial donations provide the much needed support for education, healthcare, infrastructure and economic development. Make a difference while experiencing another culture!