We understand that every traveller has special, individual needs, constraints and special interests, so we don't restrict you to set packages. Instead, our creative specialists will help you to plan your stay in Southern Africa so that you obtain the maximum enjoyment out of your time here.

Our consultants will intelligently interpret your requirements, combining countries and areas into a sensible, well-paced itinerary. We will use our local knowledge to show you Southern Africa at its best, advising and assisting with your special requirements. Reliable and efficient service, combined with the friendly and professional manner of our staff, will make planning and booking your arrangements part of the enjoyment of your holiday.

While areas and lodges featured on our site are highly recommended, these are only the very tip of the iceberg as far as your options go and we are certainly not restricted to these in any way.

Please contact us directly for suggestions and a quotation within 24 hours from our E-mail booking form or feel free to contact your local travel agent (please supply them with our contact details).