ACLE promotes a student-based teaching method and is the first association in Italy to teach English to children through T.I.E. (Theatre in Education) and to organise drama courses for teachers. 

ACLE has been operating successfully for over 25 years. The company was founded by Arrigo Speziali and is managed by a team of collaborators located in Sanremo, Milan, Naples, Rome, Roccafranca and the Veneto area.


ACLE camps

Our camps focus on providing a positive fun environment in which children can learn and play. As an ACLE trainee tutor (camp counsellor) you will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the camps, working with your fellow trainee tutors as a team.

A typical camp day starts with a morning warm-up circle where you and your fellow trainee tutors will get the children energised and ready for learning. You will then have your own class to teach. Using the skills that you have gained throughout your orientation, you will guide your class through their engaging English learning experience.

ACLE camp students will be a range of ages and different abilities. Your orientation will prepare you to be able to teach all levels, however once in camp you and your fellow trainee tutors will decide who is to teach which level. This means that you can experience a range of teaching and/or specialise in a specific level and age.



ACLE recruits over 250 native English speaking tutors to work in over 150 camps located throughout Italy.