Açı Schools provide their students with 21st century skills and enable them to pursue their higher education in the best schools in the world.

Açı Schools offer learning opportunities and different programs considering individual differences and the requirements of different professions.


Teaching at Açı

Our Açı values, which guide all our Açı implementations, are the basic principles that shape Açı teachers’ lives, as well.

With our belief in producing and sharing, we start the school year in August, with a speech that reinforces our belief in “being a member of Açı”.

This process goes on throughout the year with curriculum development, planning and material preparation, in and out-of-school trainings, seminars where professional experiences are shared, social activities that enrich the school life, overseas school visits and cultural trips, yoga, rhythm, English course and similar activities that encourage personal growth.

All these activities outside the classroom aim to create more effective learning opportunities for ourselves and our students.

Our daily routine begins by meeting the students with a smile and continues on implementations like  morning sports and exchange times, garden and meal times, school trips, whole school reading hours and the school weeks which all enrich our life at school. All these experiences create new learning opportunities, both for students and for us. Thus we have the pleasure of learning together while getting to know each other more closely.

Ethics Committee, which is formed with volunteer teachers, help us internalize Açı values such as honesty, respect, open communication, tolerance  and make them part of our culture.