Acento Spanish School

Spanish school specialized in oral and cultural practices, promoting learning and teaching languages with a cultural and dynamic approach. Located in the Caribbean region in Colombia.

This academy is dedicated to forming Spanish speakers who can engage in real communicative situations. in addition to learning grammar rules, they will develop a new perspective of the world through  an understanding of the culture of Latin countries. This will allow them to integrate into everyday life as an authentic Latino.

Acento Spanish School is an academy for foreigners and travelers. It was created to meet a for new methods of teaching Spanish . The aim of Acento is to transform teaching through new innovative approaches.

At our school  we know that teaching a language is not mechanically teaching grammar rules, but how grammar is linked to the culture of the society. The grammar components chosen are pragmatic, they have a direct relation to the ways that groups socialize and how the language is used in real situations. This academy emphasizes, what? - why? – when? Why do we teach these issues in particular?  What is their importance? Finally, when can I use what I learned, in what situation?

Acento Spanish School is a group of professional Spanish teachers with qualifications from prestigious universities in Colombia. We think language is more than just a means of communication. Language is culture, language is fun, language is an opportunity for business, language is solidarity, language is life.

With more than 5 years professional teaching experience, we are constantly striving to maintain the highest quality of our service. Through ongoing research and consultation our courses are regularly refreshed to ensure they encompass the latest teaching techniques. Combined with our Latin American passion your experience learning Spanish at Acento Spanish School will be unforgettable.

We focus on people from Europe countries (Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland England, Sweden,) and Asia (Japan and Korea).We appreciate their cultures: Swiss perfection , German orderliness , versatility of the Belgian and the Dutch, and the politeness of the Japanese.

In addition to the teaching of Spanish, our school provides information and assistance to the student with respect to (lodging, food, tourist activities, transportation, and other matthers)

In short,  Acento Spanish School is based on the following pillars:

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Solidarity
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration

All our classes are prepared to include to cultural aspects, we are flexible with respect to schedules, teachers, and class locations.

We not only provide quality classes, we also offer without additional cost: tourist suggestions, camping, snorkelling, trekking and hiking trail suggestions. In addition, we offer guidance concerning the basic needs of the students such as Colombian currency, transportation, restaurants, etc.

While we at Acento strive to create a professional learning environment for all students, we are also here to be friends and guides. We want to help our students make the most of their adventures in Latin America.

Duration / Dates

A week of classes that includes 20H group classes, from Monday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Friday, includes an extracurricular activity (tourist activity to know and enjoy Cartagena city).

Costs / Pay

200 USD

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