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With over 25 years of experience in the scuba diving scope, Acapulco Scuba Center has positioned itself as one of the centers of enjoyment and reference training throughout Mexico.


Diving for Beginners

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Discover how easy it is to dive with us. We teach you the basic rules and skills you need for this incredible experience. A Divemaster will give you basic instructions, you’ll learn the proper use of the equipment and then we’ll take you to a shallow underwater tour of approximately 45-50 minutes. Minimum age 10 years.


Hooka Diving

It gives you the ability to breathe underwater without scuba diving equipment. Held to a float on the surface and taking the necessary time to be comfortable, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an underwater tour for 35 minutes, admiring beautiful tropical fish. Minimum age 10 years.


Diving For Certified Divers

Enjoy two dives at the most interesting diving sites in Acapulco: sunken ships, Corsario, Acapulco, the famous "Río de la Plata", the underwater mountain of "El Bajo", stone formations and passages in "Las Cuevas" eagle ray habitat in "El Guano", artificial reef "Palmitas" and the beauty of The Roqueta Island with more than 40 places to dive along the bay. Our marine life will amaze you!


Night Dive 

If you have never dived at night this is your chance! You can observe the marine life of nocturnal habits, as well as the privilege and the responsibility to get closer to some organisms. To participate you need to be certified as a diver.


All Tours Include

•Transportation from the hotel to the diving center
• Complete equipment rental
• Certified Guide-Divemaster
• Lunch on board.


Technical Diving 

Technical diving is the sport of "extreme" diving with self-contained equipment, which brings expert and qualified divers to greater depths than those of regular recreational diving. Technical diving is marked by a much greater amount of equipment requirements and training to handle the additional hazard that this type of diving entails. 

The Canadian warship called Restigouche that participated in the Gulf War is sunk 65 meters deep and one mile from the coast offers ideal features for this type of sport.

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