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Academia Buenos Aires offers several types of courses and skill-levels to meet your personal needs and enhance your learning experience. 

All classes are taught entirely in Spanish and have been prepared specifically for foreign students. This unique methodology of teaching Spanish as a second language assures that you will progress quickly. Classes begin throughout the year. 

Our Institute uses a full-immersion, integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally conducted classes, informally at home with your host family (if you choose this option) and during extra-curricular activities. Our approach is based on the idea that participating in a mix of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.

You choose the length of the course that best fits you.Because our students have a variety of backgrounds and special needs, we also offer a series of customized learning programs for exchange students, CSN in Argentina students, business executives and health practitioners. Please consult us for details.

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