TEFL Courses in Miami, Florida

Want to get TEFL certified? Not many locations compare to Miami! Wether you already live here, or would like to visit there are a range of teaching qualifications available including TEFL and Celta certifcations. 


TEFL TESOL Certification Courses in Miami


Get TEFL Certified in Miami

Florida is one of the most appealing TEFL course destinations in the world, both US and international students. Everyone knows about the main attractions like Disney World in Florida but there are so many other reasons you should get qualified to to teach English overseas.

When it comes to naming the home of the best theme parks in the world, the word on the majority of people’s lips is Florida. It has a plethora of parks, the wildest rides and the great weather to enjoy it all without fear of a washout. The Sunshine State has something for everybody whatever their tastes and it has been sending satisfied TEFL students home for years.


Weather & Best Time to take a Course

Florida is a state which, unlike the UK, doesn’t have a specific ‘good month’ to visit. It does, however, have a wet season and a dry season. November through to April is Florida’s dry season, or winter. The rest of the year is the wet season, or summer. The temperatures in summer are hot; the air is humid and sticky and can sometimes create the odd hurricane. This shouldn’t put you off though; the locals are used to it, and know exactly how to keep you safe.

Winter is probably more suitable for holidays. Temperatures are less humid, and you will feel more able to explore the area without getting too hot and tired. Depending on your agenda while in Florida, you should pick the right season for it. Having an idea of what types of activities you want to take part in, before you go, will prove beneficial when booking your TEFL course. Pre-bookers can sometimes get better prices when it comes to accommodation, beach and water sports. 


Why Take a TEFL Course in Florida

Are you the sort of person who enjoys peace and quiet? There are around 8,500 miles of coastline, with 663 miles of beaches to take in and relax by, or maybe even take a relaxing sunset stroll along. In the day you can pull up a sun lounger and watch the kids play while you soak up the warm American sunshine and get that perfect tan. Or are you an explorer?

Florida is rich in history, with places to visit and take in as and when you feel like it. Probably one of the more famous landmarks in Florida’s history is a more recent addition, Walt Disney World Florida. This keeps tourism in the state booming throughout the year. If you have kids or are just a child at heart, you’ll love a trip to Disneyworld. You can do this on day-long trip or longer as there is so much to see and do. Again, some package holidays contain parks in the price. 


TEFL TESOL Courses in Miami

The more active among us should head to coastal resorts such as Miami, where you’ll be greeted with plenty to do both on and off the water. Miami remains a popular resort because of its sun, the sand and the activities. Walking onto one of its beaches you can find parasailing, wakeboarding, sailing and diving at your fingertips. Many of these activities you will be able to get within the price of your hotel, and most tend to have their own staff to teach these sports. This is also available in other coastal resorts. However, to experience the real Miami, or anywhere else in Florida, you want to find the local businesses and get to know what they can offer you. Usually this ends up cheaper. 

Local spas can provide you with more relaxation while giving your skin a break from the sun. Plus, you can learn what it’s really like in such a destination from the people who live there. For those of you who enjoy nature and perfect views, head down to Biscayne Bay in Miami, or the Everglades National Park; you’ll witness breathtaking views with an array of colours and textures that will leave you stunned and gazing for ages. There are plenty of other parks and bays scattered all over Florida, so that wherever you decide to go for your holidays, you’re not far from similar beauty.

It should be said, however, that the parks in this state are more than just trees.  Some feature underground caves, some contain historic forts and of course many boast some of the world’s most popular beaches. It doesn’t matter which destination in Florida you decide to visit, or what you plan to do while you are over there, you’re going to have the break of a lifetime. If you are open to trying new things then you’re sure to find plenty to do. If, on the other hand, you just want to relax, you can do that as well. Just be sure to pack plenty of sun protection when you leave.


What to Do in Your Spare Time

Classic cartoon fans, movie aficionados and less mainstream theme park desires are all catered for in Florida.

Walt Disney World is the benchmark for grand attractions, and for most the love of the brand can be traced back to childhood. For fans of classic cartoon characters like Mickey and Goofy, Walt Disney World is the place to visit. It is even home to Cinderella’s castle! Magic Kingdom captures the essence of Disney with its recreation of childhood worlds, which is why people keep buying Disney Florida tickets. It remains popular with both young and old, even if the old aren’t quite ready to admit it so freely.

Universal Studios Resort has a whole other connection to our inner child. Hands up who ever wished they could take off from the ground on their BMX with an extra terrestrial in their front basket. Perhaps it wasn’t every child’s dream, but the familiar movie rides and recreations make Universal tickets a must-purchase – whether you loved E.T. or not. With The Simpsons Ride, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Shrek and Terminator 2 3D, there is a veritable banquet of movie-inspired fun to be had.

However, if you prefer your theme parks to be magical in a much more literal manner, then look no further than the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, part of Universal Studios. Ride rollercoasters like Dragon Challenge and Flight of the Hippogriff and watch on as the Triwizard Spirit Rally unfolds in front of you. There isn’t much doubt that can be cast on Florida’s claim to be the earth’s theme park paradise. Catering for fans of Walt Disney, Harry Potter and any number of movie characters, it even has its own Christian-themed park. Holy Land features exhibits and attractions, proving that Florida really does offer a theme park for everyone.