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TEFL courses are a recognised qualification that help you to teach English overseas. These certifications equip you with all the necessary skills to become a sucessful teacher and get paid job abroad. Search and compare accredited TEFL courses and start a new career today.


Best Classroom & Combined TEFL TESOL Certification Courses

Find and book top rated cheap and low cost accredited TEFL courses and get certified to become an English teacher abroad.

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What are TEFL Courses?

TEFL Courses

Acquiring a TEFL course is a step towards teaching English abroad. There are lots of different courses to provide you with practical training whilst also giving you flexibility to take the course when you have time, and build your knowledge of the best methods to teach to any class, anywhere.

Topics covered include grammar structure, lesson planning, the importance of games in learning and sentence structure. When looking at courses you will find there are several different ways you can get qualified to teach English abroad. Our guide will help provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a successful English teacher overseas. There is the option to join a classroom TEFL course in your native country, take a flexible online TEFL course or book a course overseas.

Thousands of people who have already taken a TEFL course and are living and working as English teachers around the world and you can too. Read more information and book a TEFL course to start a teaching adventure today.

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Why Buy a TEFL Course

TEFL courses are an alternative and frankly ingenious way of working abroad and getting paid to do so. Whether you’re board of your job, looking to go travelling or want to get away, TEFL is the perfect way to earn whilst travelling around the world. All you need to do is become qualified to teach English abroad and there is an extensive list of different courses you can take to become certified. It is entirely your choice how far you would like to go.

Taking a TEFL course is an amazing opportunity for you to have a change in direction and take an exciting new career path. A certification will help you prepare to step in to a classroom and teach English. Some TEFL courses will get you to take part in live class room lessons and observe / help real students using skills acquired during training. When on a course you will get help with lesson planning, learn about the importance of discipline, interaction, get ideas for games and improve your techniques in creating learning environments.


Location of Courses

You can sign up and take a TEFL course in a number of destinations via your computer or by booking a classroom course in town and cities throughout the world.


Types of TEFL Courses

TEFL TESOL Certification Courses

Find some of the UK’s and also world's largest companies and language schools who offer hundreds of accredited certification courses. Search TEFL courses, TESOL courses, CELTA courses, weekend courses and intensive certificates. All courses are different and have different time scales and programs please research all before applying.

On One World 365 you can view some of the most highly respected, reputable and accredited TEFL courses in locations around the world. There are courses in classrooms and also combined options, so you can choose where and when you want to learn. Courses can range from 20 hours to 140+ hours, all the way up to becoming EDI CertTEFL. 

There are classroom courses all around the world where you will meet other people and get face-to-face assistance. You will need to pre-book a spot as places can fill up quick. By learning in a classroom you will get a more hands on experience and also if you book a course overseas you will integrate into a new culture and get a head start when seeking employment.



The cost of a TEFL course really depends on which course you choose and where in the world you would like to study. Classroom, TEFL courses prices generally start from just £99 and you can pick and choose which is best to work for you. If the price of TEFL courses and the length of time it takes to study has been putting you off, don't let it and think again. It doesn't have to take years to train to become a TEFL qualified teacher and everyone who can speak English can apply. There are lots of cheap and discounted courses throughout the year.


Cheap TEFL Courses

Throughout the year you can make big savings on everything TEFL from classroom courses and internship programs. If you have been researching the world of teaching you will realise course and training costs money but there are great deals to be had. At selected times some TEFL operators offer discounts usually during quieter periods, or to fill spaces often left by cancellations. 

If you keep an eye on our special offer page you will be able to get some real great value discounts paying a lot less than you normally would. We have strong links with worldwide TEFL institutions and can bring you special offers ahead of similar websites, be sure to join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date. Also do not be put off by paying a lower price either, the courses are exactly the same as normal but always do research to make sure the course is the right option for you. 


Discounted TEFL Courses

Are you thinking about buying a TEFL course? We offer £10/$10/€10 cashback for every purchase made. To be eligible you will need to buy your preferred TEFL course with one of the featured companies above. Once you have done this please contact us via our online enquire form and one of our team will process your enquiry.



Why Do I need a TEFL Certificate if I already Speak English?
You might speak fluent English but what about when a student asks you to explain the rules of the present perfect tense? A TEFL qualification will not only guide you through the tricky bits of English grammar and how to teach it but it is also a requirement demanded by TEFL employers. Getting involved in TEFL is becoming extremely popular meaning that it is also becoming quite a competitive market. Gone are the days where you can jet-off to an exotic destination and pick up a teaching job no problem, you now need to set yourself apart from the crowd!

What TEFL course should I take?
Most people take a generic TEFL course but there are alternative courses available including TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) which all help you fulfil the experience of living and working abroad as a foreign language teacher.  A lot of employers now require a minimum of 100 hours of TEFL training from a recognised TEFL provider. TEFL is measured in hours; a qualification can therefore be anything from 20 hours to 140 (and longer options) meaning you can choose how qualified you want to be.

How Does a TEFL Course Help Prepare for Lessons
Having a degree or taking a TEFL / TESOL course will help you prepare for a job as a teacher but nothing really can prepare you for life in the actual role in a foreign country. A degree in teaching is the best qualification no doubt about that, but the best way to learn is by starting classes. You will be able to find what works and what doesn't, if you have a bad lesson you will need to learn from the experience and improve in future. Lesson planning is very important and when you take a TEFL course this will be one of the most important sections of the learning process. When planning a teaching lesson we recommend focusing on the following areas creating fun games, making worksheets, trying to make lessons as fun as possible, gather reading material and making a list of ideas so you always have things to look at.

Help & Advice
Sometimes courses can be difficult but you should be able to get help from your course provider, you can also join our Facebook page and chat with other teachers from around the world. We help hundreds of people arrange placements, if you need  any help or advice about taking a course please contact us. For positions worldwide view latest TEFL jobs abroad.


TEFL Course Reviews

Have you ever taken a TEFL course? Would you like to review a course or company? Contact us today. You can also view testimonials and reviews on most courses and companies listed on our website.

"I took a TEFL course when living in the UK then manage to score a teaching job in China. I have been here for over two years now and love it." - Carol P, UK

“My course covered everything I needed to know as a beginner teacher to be able to teach an English class. The examples and resources are great and I definitely recommend Premier TEFL to anyone looking for a TEFL course.” - Qianna

"I took my TEFL course in Spain which helped me get on the employment ladder as the company offered paid placements on completion. " - Matt B, UK

"I took TEFL course after a spur of the moment decision during a particularly bad day at work. I was half way through my degree and working as a barista in Starbucks to pay the bills; serving coffee, cleaning tables and generally losing the will to live. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad job, but it just wasn’t for me.I picked up my phone searched the number of a TEFL company I had been looking into and dialled. Within 15 minutes I’d paid a couple of hundred quid and signed up for a weekend course. I am now hapily teaching in South Korea." - Emma Lander, Australia





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