Located in the southern part of the US in the state of Florida, Miami is a wonderful place to live in as well as travel to. If you live in the US or you are visiting the US and have never been to Miami then you are missing a lot.

If you are thinking about relocating or going to work in the USA, Miami really is one of the top places to move to in the US perfect for Americans and internationals.

There are so many wonderful, exciting and interesting things about Miami, Florida which shall be discussed in detail here. Miami is a city that is rich in arts, commerce, entertainment, finance, international trade, media and culture. It had been nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America” and an “Alpha-World City”. It has once been ranked to be “America’s Cleanest City” and “America’s Richest City”.

Why then is Miami one of the top places to move to in the US? These are a few out of the numerous reasons why you have to move to Miami as soon as you can:


1. Weather

Miami has a tropical climate and it is warm and sunny almost all year round, even in December and January when the temperatures in the rest of the states plummet.


2. Commerce

Miami is notable for the ease of commerce and this is evident in the huge number of international banks concentrated in the area and the large number of companies (both international and national) that are also located in the area.

The concentration of these companies and banks makes trade and commerce very easy to conduct in the area. Commerce in Miami is also easy because Miami port is always busy as a result of the fact that the port accommodates a lot of “operations and cruise ships”.


3. Arts

The art of this city is another great reason why you are to move to this wonderful city.

“Art Basel Miami Beach” is an international arts festival that is held annually in the month of December in this city and it is a “sister of the Art Basel” festival that is held annually in the month of June in Basel, Switzerland.

This festival is notable for the top galleries that are always in attendance and for the fact that these galleries conduct special and unique exhibitions. The event also covers architecture, music, films and parties.


4. Environment

The environment of the city is a plus for the city because the environment is always a very neat one.

The city despite its growing population is always notable for its clean and fresh air, “city wide recycling programs”, clean drinkable water, vast green spaces and clean streets.

The architectural masterpiece of the city is one that you cannot help but fall in love with and the great thing about the architectural style of this city is the fact that they are properly planned and breathtaking.

The beaches which are mostly artificial will help you relax on days that you need to relax. Although the sands on the beaches of Miami where pumped in from far off oceans you will still love it.


5. Lifestyle

Despite the unique nature of this great “Latin American City”, living in Miami can be affordable even though the city is expensive compared to other cities.

Outside of Miami beach and South beach, Drinks and food are cheap in the city because there are so many restaurants around and they always compete by offering discounts. This means that you can make use of special offers to always enjoy meals and drinks at affordable rates.

Flights from Miami are affordable too because there are three airports around the city. 


Shoud You Move to Miami?

Living in Miami is a great decision that you have to make which you will definitely not regret making. Moving to Miami is fun, accessible, simple, easy and just great.


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