4 Unique Places to Visit in Miami

4 Unique Places to Visit in Miami

Miami is simply a tourist paradise, with its gently swaying palm trees, bright blue waters and electric mix of people. In fact, Miami has a little something for everyone, especially because of its perfect weather. In addition to its beautiful beach, Miami is also home to ample cultural and architectural beauty. Below are some of the unique features of Miami, which essentially renders it a popular tourist spot.


1. South Beach

No visit to Miami would be complete without visiting South beach. Visiting this beach essentially allows tourists to experience the glitz and glamour of Miami. The south beach is the home of high end shopping, glitzy mansions and most importantly, gorgeous beaches. Moreover, tourists can shop at the Versace mansion, whose luxury can only be truly comprehended upon seeing it in person. Besides, tourists who derive fun from night clubbing can get it from the numerous South Beach bars. One can also get an unforgettable experience by simply strolling on this perfectly lit up beach at night.



Everglades National Park

2. The Everglades National Park

This park features 1.5 million acres of swamps with a fascinating variety of wildlife. The best way a tourist can enjoy the Everglades is with a boat tour, which are available at Flamingo and Gulf Coast all year round. Travelling through this park enables tourists to see crocodiles, alligators, the great blue herons and wood storks among other kinds of swamp wildlife. Moreover, one can experience Miami’s famous heat, which feels quite tropical here. It essentially allows tourists to feel like they are in the rain forest while never leaving Miami.




3. The Vizcaya Museums and Gardens

Most tourists are left awed by the meticulously cared for gardens, coupled with the unique architecture that essentially make the Vizcaya Museums and Gardens one of the most unique features of Miami. This popular tourist spot features a main house, hardwood hammock and formal gardens measuring 10 acres. 



4. Theatre

In addition to the above described unique features of Miami, visitors are given an opportunity to experience fantastic live theater abound here. For instance, one can visit the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Actor’s playhouse and Jackie Gleason Theater, all of which offer Broadway quality plays or even musicals. Beside, ballet enthusiasts are given the opportunity to see the internationally acclaimed Miami City Ballet.




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