Although millions of tourists vist Portugal every year not everyone in Portugal can converse in English so making some effort to grasp even the most simple of words and phrases will really help you. Local people will also be very impressed and happy to see you making an effort to speak Portuguese.

We have put together some of the best words and phrases for tourists which should be helpful if you are planning a city break, holiday or are keen to live and work in Portugal.

Our list of essential Portuguese phrases will really help you to grasp the basics but if you are worried about the language barrier you want to discover the highlights of the country you might want to search Portugal tours where you get to explore places like Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve with an experienced guide.

These are some of the most important Portuguese phrases to learn.



  • Hello - Ola
  • Goodbye - Adeus
  • Bye - Tcau



  • Yes - Sim
  • No - Não
  • Thank you - Obrigado (m) / Obrigada (f)
  • Please - Por favor
  • Sorry - Desculpe



  • How are you? - Como está?
  • What's your name? - Como te chamas?
  • I don't speak Portuguese - Eu não falo Português
  • I'm English - Sou Inglês (m) / Sou Inglesa (f)



  • I would like - Eu quero
  • How much does it cost? - Quanto custa?
  • I do not like - Eu nao gosto



  • Where is....? - Onde é....?
  • I don't know - Não sei



  • Zero - Zero
  • One - Um
  • Two - Dois
  • Three - Três
  • Four - Quatro
  • Five - Cinco
  • Six - Seis
  • Seven - Sete
  • Eight - Oito
  • Nine - Nove
  • Ten - Dez


Days of the Week

  • Monday - Segunda-feira
  • Tuesday - Terça-feira
  • Wednesday - Quarta-feira
  • Thursday - Quinta-feira
  • Friday - Sexta-feira
  • Saturday - Sábado
  • Sunday - Domingo


Hopefully these words and phrases have provided some basic ideas for things to do.

Learning a new language is highly recommended for travelling especially in Portugal where not many locals are able to converse fluent in English.

If you would like to combine experiences and really advance your language level view Portuguse language schools in Portugal. There are classes for beginners and advanced levels in places like Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve.


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