The cost of a college education is going up with every year that goes by, and the value of a college education is something that is getting called into question by people who worry about things like grade inflation and poor practices in academia.

If you are a college student who is caught in the middle of it all, you may find that it is the best time in the world for you to step out for a moment.

New to this idea? Close to booking a trip? Here are 5 recommendations for US college grads which will help you when overseas...


1. Credit Card Magic

If you are looking at your balance at the bank and seeing just enough to pay for rent over the next few months, you may be feeling as if world-travel is just a silly dream.

The truth is that most college students do not have the cash that they need to see the world and that is where credit cards come in. When I left on my first backpacking trip, I was not well funded.

As a way to help pay for my trip, I borrowed money. I did some research and found a student credit card that offered rewards for young college students.

More students are now borrowing money for vacations and their education. This worked great for me and I’d recommend doing some research to see what options could possibly work for you, too.


2. One Bag Limit

If you have ever tried to wrangle more than one bag through an airport or a bus station, you know what a pain it can be. That's why, when I travel, I keep it down to one good-sized bag that can carry everything I need, from laptop to clothes to adapters.

A good piece of luggage is one that can travel with you across continents and if you are someone who wants to keep all of your things together, you need to choose one that is relatively sturdy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the bag that you choose should lock up. You don't want anyone sneaking anything into your bag and locks are the only way to be sure.

Having just the one bag is also far better for your security, especially if you are staying in hostels. You will be able to keep track of it much more effectively than you would if you had several bags.


3. Keep Your ID On You

No matter where you are or where you are going, you want to make sure that your identification is on you at all times. You want to be able to prove what country you belong to and your citizenship to the officials.

The best way to do this is to keep your identification in a small waterproof bag, and then to keep that bag on your person. Most people choose to keep their ID in wallet worn around their neck.

Personally, I like to keep mine in a zippered pants pocket just to be sure. If you lose your ID get to your local embassy as soon as you can and they can help you out, so don't panic. 


4. Have an Idea about Destinations / Budget

If you are a recent college grad or currently researching options for traveling overseas you might like to view our gap year directory or contact us for help. Every country offers something different and you will need to research all locations:


5. Arrange a Structured Experience

Take a gap year!

The uni experience is great, but it can leave you feeling tired and worn out. If you are someone who needs to get away from it all, it is time for you to see what world travel has to offer.

Seeing the world during a career break can leave you a changed person, and it can give you fresh purpose when you go back to work at the college of your choice.

We have some amazing programs for graduates, from taking a TEFL course and teaching English, working abroad, joining volunteering programs or just exploring the world on a backpacker tour.