Read on for more information about what people find are the most annoying things about traveling the world.


1. Pre Departure

Some people states surprising answers like packing and buying things before departing and also having to carry around a heavy rucksack or backpack was also a problem.


2. Flying

Flights seemed to be another thing people do not like about traveling, some people said boredom on long flights is an issue and also jet lag.


3. Visa & Paperwork

Waiting to see if you get accepted for a visa was also another thing people didn't like about traveling whilst also at airport immigration some people do not like the way they are asked questions about why they want to enter that country as if they have done something wrong.


4. Other Travellers

Inconsiderate and irresponsible tourists also ranked quite highly in the responses we received, a lot of people said that annoying, loud, noisy, obnoxious and rude foreigners were their biggest gribe about traveling.


5. Being Exploited

Sometimes the fact when you are abroad and treated like a tourist, and not a human was also annoying, this is because sometimes when abroad it is easy to be seen as a money note with people charging more than normal trying to make a profit.


6. Health

A lot of the responses we got included medical and health concerns, the risk of catching an illness, disease and getting bitten by mosquitoes were top of things to dislike when travelling in some countries. Problems like malaria and dengue fever are a common worry when in places like Africa, sometimes just reading a guide book's health recommendations can put you off visiting a destination all together.


7. Culture Shock

A lot of people are very used to home comforts and overseas everything is different from the culture, to what you eat, to normal everyday things like shopping. Food is unlikely to be what you are used to back home. This is something you will have to adapt to and if you would like an easy transition you might like to consider a structured experience like an adventure tour, gap year program or volunteer work abroad.


8. Language Barrier

Not being able to communicate is a big issue for a lot of backpackers but we recommend you try learning a few local phrases which will really improve your trip and experience, even if it just the basics. Options include:


9. Spending Money

We all wished travelling was free but unfortunately it isn't unless you are working abroad. The chances are your bank ballance will be going down not up as you have daily outgoings like food, accommodation, transport and sightseeing. One option you might want to consider is taking a TEFL certification course and applying for teaching jobs abroad.


10. Having to Go Home

Post holiday blues, the plane ride returning and having to go home also featured highly in the replies we received. No one ever likes returning home.


Remember that a foreign country is designed for it's own people, not tourists and you will really enhanced your experience if you research the destination so you know what to expect so you shouldn't get any shocks on arrival.