Nicole Rivera Rivera recently went travelling through Europe visiting Spain, France, Holland, Italy and Belgium.

From December - January Nicole spent time in Brussels and Bruges in Belgium which were by far her favorite destinations.

Check out her top reasons why you should consider spending the festive Christmas period in Belgium and get some useful tips and recommendations.


1. People in are Friendly, Hospitable and Willing to Help Visitors

Grande place Brussels Christmas

Bearing in mind that Belgium is the political capital of the European Union, with the European Parliament, the Commission and the European Council, cultural diversity gives way to an inclusive and respectful environment.



2. Food & Drink

Cantillon Brewery Brussels

Even the most random place promises a culinary experience of a high standard. Belgium is # 1 in top quality beers, if you enjoy and appreciate craft beers, you MUST go to Bruges to the wall of beers and in Brussels to the local brewery Cantillon. Mussels, waffles on the street and chocolate are A must.

Places to Eat:

  • Brussels: Viva M’boma, Neuhaus Chocolates, Salon de The Oaziz, Planet Chocolate, Le Pré Salé, Au Bon Bol, Suffren, Mam Mam, Mokafe.
  • Bruges: The Chocolate Line, Brasserie Chagall.

Where to Drink:

  • Brussels: Cantillon, Delirium Café, St. Jacques, Halles Saint Géry.
  • Bruges: The Beer Wall.


3. Architecture

Expect modernism, neo-classical, medieval, gothic, neo-renaissance buildings throughout the country. The Grande Place in Brussels and the Market Square in Bruges are extremely impressive, and some of the buildings have details in gold.


4. Getting Around


The ease of movement, whether walking, cycling, train or taxi, everything is accessible.


5. Christmas Festivities

Markets, decorations, parties and Christmas spirit everywhere, really everywhere.


Cold Weather Tips

Prepare for the cold. The most important thing: a good thermal insulated coat and good waterproof, grip-soled boots, combine with wool stockings and clothing, hat and leather gloves. Live, travel and learn.


Goede reizen!


By Nicole Rivera Rivera


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