Top Cycling Destinations in the World

Top Cycling Destinations in the World

Traveling the world by bicycle is one of the best ways to see details in landscapes that’s missed by high-speed transport. There’s no window to block floral scents and no engines to drown out chirping birds as you roll past. 

Cycling makes a great talking point. Meeting the locals has never been easier than when you’re pulling up on your bike. Eyes widen as you tell them your destination and they tell you tales of how you’ll never make it!

A bonus of traveling under your steam is the excuse to consume a little more than usual. Double dinner anyone? In short cycling trips are exciting, adventurous and plain fun! Here are 6 of my favorite trips that tick all the boxes.


1. The Andes Mountains

The Andes in South America is known by geography trivia experts to be the longest mountain range. It’s a mountain bicyclist’s ultimate endurance test and an awesome adventure that temps thousands of cyclists per year. 

The trail of this adventure involves every weather and path condition conceivable, from desert-like heat (especially near the equator) to the bone chilling cold (at highest elevations), but the rewards of the beauty and the sheer escape from an urban world is a transforming experience. 

There are many guides and paths available for the cyclist who crosses mountains and nations in the Andes, including many means of rest from one section to the next.


2. La Route Verte

On the opposite side of the continent, a famous destination is in La Route Verte. It’s ideal for those looking to explore Canada where many areas are inaccessible. The path takes cyclists along the eastern coast and major cities throughout Quebec, Montreal Ontario, and many others.

Landmarks along the path include protected natural parks, full of natural beauty, rivers, and lakes, not to mention the ever famous fords, with ocean views. The track is designed for all types of riders and explorers, panning out in a variety of directions for all purposes. It passes through urban cities and natural countryside. 

Guaranteeing a fun and authentic trip, whether your interest is a casual excursion or something more rugged. 


3. Europe

Europe, comprised of many individual nations, is often considered a single destination for travel, by plane, train and car.

You can choose to pay big dollars or small for a tour, you can roll into a new city or ride around on your own. Europe’s connected in such a way that bicycles can move nonstop from one nation to the next. For some suggestions, there are tours and tour guides galore.

I highly recommend cycling down the river Danube. All you need to do is find a way to carry your luggage, and you’re good to go.


4. Tour D’Afrique

Top Cycling Destinations

If you choose to start cycling south of Europe, the Tour D’Afrique is a trail for riders who wish to start navigating down the largest continent on the planet. The path goes past the Pyramids of Giza and then dives southward, as far as Cape Town in South Africa. Lonely Planet, describes this as a nearly endless journey. There are landmark sites, like Victoria Falls and Table Mountain, which are incredible!


5. Angkor Wat

One of the best places to explore by bike in SE Asia is Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It’s lesser considered, entirely accessible, and brilliantly enjoyable.

Angkor Wat is a relic from a historical and religious culture of Cambodia’s past. The path is not a long-distance bicycle route, but the history makes it a worthwhile destination for an international explorer.

There are other ancient archaeological relics from the deep past that are entirely different from the perilous considerations of mountain ranges; these trails are colorful, peaceful and inviting. 


6. Australia

There is a variety of challenging trails for the experienced rider in Australia, like the Queen Victoria Loop or the Mt. Nebo Loop. There are trails through the Outback and some of the dirtiest and most challenging mountain biking paths around. For the easy rider, many folks travel long, smooth distances along the eastern coastline. 


By Mike McLeish


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