You might get the chance to witness renowned locations up-front, capturing fantastic images for your Instagram feed. You’ll savor wonderful local cuisine and immerse yourself in fascinating cultures. 

But when you’re in a relationship the prospect of being separated for what might be a considerable period will take the shine off this adventure. So how do you maintain a healthy partnership when you are continents and oceans apart?

Here are 10 tips to keep your relationship strong:


1. Be Honest

Being apart can be tough, but talking can really help and actually saying what you are thinking. Don't have any hidden secrets, thoughts or worries - it is best to get everything out in the open.


2. Keep Yourself Busy

It’s important not to be tempted to spend too much time pining for an absent loved one. Concentrate on your immediate needs as well. If you find you’re missing your partner too much, embrace your favorite pastimes and hobbies.

Take up a musical instrument. Read great books and watch amazing films. Visit friends and socialize. When you do touch base again you’ll feel refreshed and more optimistic.


3. Stay in Regular Contact

It’s easy to touch base so there’s no need to go off-radar. Video calls are an excellent way of ensuring you keep your partner in the loop on a regular basis. Make sure you have Whatsapp or a similar chat app.

.Whoever is abroad can enthuse about everything they’ve been up to, while their partner can keep them abreast of interesting news on the home front, covering everything from family bulletins to how their favorite sports team fared at the weekend.

It’s important to pay attention to practicalities and logistics. You will need to plan your travel budget well in advance in order to avoid awkward messages at unearthly hours when the person thousands of miles away requires an urgent transfer of funds.

If you’re traveling on a work assignment you shouldn’t really be making frequent calls to room service. Agree on an average daily spend beforehand, and the same considerations should apply to whoever is staying at home.


4. Stick to a Timetable

When you inform your partner you are going to phone at a specific time, do so. Nothing is guaranteed to cause trepidation more than a failed connection because it’s only natural that all sorts of alarm bells will start ringing.

There will always be the potential for something to delay your call, such as an unforeseen situation at work or travel hiccups. In that case ensure you send a brief text explaining what is happening.


5. Keep the Romance Alive

Travel relationship tips

This is an important tip. Always be prepared to demonstrate how much you are missing your partner by telling them as much when you do make contact.

Never be embarrassed about sending sentimental text messages. Share fond memories, reminiscing about how you first met, whether it was on a chat dating site or at a social gathering. 

You may be living in different countries but with a modicum of creativity you can keep the passion flowing. Send outrageously suggestive messages. Absence may make the heart grow fonder but sexting will keep it racing.

Mailing a love letter sprayed with the scent that will most remind them of you will puncture their heart as they lounge in a lonely hotel room is also recommended.


6. Stay Focused

Much as there can be other demands on your day when your partner is ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ such as your own work issues, you need to set time aside to devote to the most important person in your life. When you do video chat, maintain eye contact, guaranteeing they get the picture you’re 100% committed to them.


7. Share Leisure Time

It might sound like a strange tip when a relationship is separated by time zones but you can still enjoy doing many of the things you normally do together. For instance, say you both love a particular Netflix series, or a favorite band has just released their latest album.

Watch the program or listen to the music as you would if you were snuggled together on the couch. Then when you make contact you can chat about the plot points or enthuse about killer tracks. You may be miles apart but you’re reaffirming you’re fully attuned to what makes each other tick.


8. Use Social Media

Another way of participating in your other half’s adventure is for them to post regular bulletins or photo galleries on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Then you can comment directly, adding your own images of what’s been happening while they’ve been galavanting.


9. Stay Faithful

Travelling is a great way to meet people from all over the world, whether on a tour, hostel or just exploring. Temptation can be real but staying faithful can be the best way to make your relationship last in the long run.


10. The Grand Reunion

Couple relationship travel advice

It’s important to know the exact details about their eventual return, right down to the time their flight is due to touch-down. This will give you something tangible to aim towards, a moment you can mark on the wall calendar in red marker pen and count down the days towards.


Follow these tips and you will be 100% sure to maintain healthy relationships and still be in love while traveling and exploring the world.


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