Psychologists recommend that if you want to get your priorities straight and when you generally feel lost and tired in life, then you should get a voyage to other country to see how different nationalities live. 

Beside, how cool is that to know more about cultural values, explore a lot of new places sightseeing, and maybe find a love of your life. The city and the country are not so important, so don’t be sold for words like “Paris is the ultimate city of love”. Come on, every corner of the planet has the biggest chance to find someone special on its territory – snowy Switzerland or hot Sri-Lanka – it is up to you. 

But, we can definitely help you get the best out of your trip. If you feel lonely or just are a big old (or young) romantic, then follow our tips and tricks on how to find love when travelling:


1. Find Your Destination

Yes, we are not talking about booking a tour – it is quite understandable. We talk about finding some useful information about different countries and cultures. Do you prefer free-spirited French people or reserved Germans, hot Barbados beauties or friendly Russians? 


2. Start Making Acquaintances Right Now

Hello, it’s the ultimate era of online-dating. Why not get to know your love BEFORE you even choose to go travelling. It is way more efficient and interesting to visit a person you already know and spend a night at somebody’s house, not just in a hostel.

There are lots of apps and websites you can use before you depart - you can even seek out people in your next destination and get dates prepared before you go. There are apps for all interests, so whether you want to meet someone new, you have a lot of choice. Popular apps include Tinder, Match and Eharmony.


3. Don’t Sit Alone

When you arrived to a hotel, sitting alone with takeaway food is never good for your relationships status. Just get your booty out of the number and check out those beautiful people in the banquet-room/hall/reception etc. 


4. Book a Trip

It can be an excursion, a scuba diving lessons or anything that involve meeting new people. Getting on a tour bus with someone pretty will increase the chances of getting to know each other in natural conditions. Good mood, nice food, pleasant people around – everything will help you fulfill your dream.


5. Be Friendly

DO not hesitate to ask people how can you get to a nearby bar or museum. Do not feel awkward. Forget about Google Maps, they will never substitute a live companion. Besides that, foreign people are very hospitable if they understand that you are lost. A lot of them will be beautiful and interesting. It is also a high chance to start a conversation that will go far beyond just one question.


6. Go to the Beach

Beaches are the ultimate place to find your love (at least, a good date). People are hot from the sun and from that gym (you know what I mean). You don’t have to pretend to be one of the Baywatch guys or girls. Just offer someone a drink and get the convo going. I am not talking specifically about beach; trip to mountains will serve the same purpose as long as this alternative is a place where a lot of people are having the time of their lives.


7. Call Your Friend

If you are visiting the country you’ve never been to before, but have some friends from there, it’s high time to remember their phone numbers. We all have comrades among foreigners, even internet-friends. It will be so interesting to meet since so much time’s passed. Maybe, this friend will bring some company. Aside from the romantic topic, having a good friendship with foreigners is always a cool thing.


8. Be Social

Even if you have anxiety, it is time to fight it by going to a theme park to get lost in the crowd of new people. It is so…liberating…and promising.


9. Don’t Eat Alone

Probably, one of the biggest mistakes is when people lock in the room for dinner. Fast-food and loneliness are the worst combination (read rule 3). It is important to dine somewhere else than in the lux. Go downstairs, then outside, then ask a stranger to recommend a good place.. or to dine together. Easy as that.


10. Attend Interesting Classes & Exhibitions

It’s not only a good way to broaden your mind, but also to meet a good professional and an interesting man or woman who you can share your just acquired experience with.


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